Monday, August 31, 2009

Phinelia Featuring Dimelo- 3's up hoes down (video)

New video from up and coming artist Phinelia.

Don't sleep on "The Overdose Mixtape"

Termanology featuring Canibus- About that time (single) Produced by Moss

This is for anyone that's on the fence about Termanology. This track will officially put you on Term's team. He absolutely makes sure he does not get out shined by lyrical killer Canibus.

Shout out to Moss on the beat.

(not official video)


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Phinelia Featuring Lou Armstrong- For The Record (single)

A true Beantown collaboration, this single is off of Phinelia's "The Overdose" mixtape. It's posted on the site.

Dont get left out suckas......not sure who produced the beat.


Team 220- We right here (official video-single) featuring Frankie Wainright, Jimmy Cash, Big C.E.O. & Red 360

Do not sleep on Frankie Wainright- this dude is a problem.

Team 220 is Frankie's crew. They're rappers representing the states of Massachusetts, South Carolina and New York.

This beat is bananas- Shout out to whoever produced it.

Big Shug- Protection (official video) Prodcued by Lee Bannon

This single is off Shug's "Other Side Of The Game" LP.

Shout out to Sacramento, Ca producer Lee Bannon. He been laying down some ill beats.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Reks Featuring Bossman- That's What's up (single) Produced by Statik Selektah

A Lawtown/B-More Collaboration.

Bossman is a Baltimore rapper promoted by the Drama King himself DJ Kay Slay.

Shout out to Statik Selektah on the beat.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bostonianz617 cosigns Thorotracks- The Saga Continues (LP) Hosted by J-Love

I've said before that this blog reps 100% the Bean but at the same time I support all real hip- hop.

Thoroplated Promotions reached out to Bostonianz617 through myspace regarding Thorotracks new LP "The Saga Continues" I visited their myspace page and was immediately blown away. Thorotracks is a two man wrecking crew in the production game. Team members are Sam and Jay, representing the Lefrak and Woodside section of Carona Queens, NY. Their production credits include heavyweight rappers Styles P, Nas, Killa Priest, NYG'z, Krumbsnatcha, Black Poet, Skyzoo, Canibus and many many more. If that current credit list isn't already enough, then I should also mention they have guest spots on "The Saga Continues" from Mike Geronimo, Cella Dwellas and Royal Flush. I can't begin to explain the elation this brings to any REAL RAP fan when less than often heard artist of this magnitude are still putting out rhymes. Royal Flush, Mike Geronimo and Cella Dwellas (members UG/Phantasm) are staples of that 90's boom bap era.

Bostonianz617 has had some dialouge with Thorotracks member Sam and he threw me some crack singles to introduce you to their style.

Street Merchant Featuring Beantown's own Krumbsnatcha (produced by Thorotracks)

Deadly Combination Featuring Mike Geronimo and Shabaam Sahdeeq (produced by Thorotracks)

Full LP available on itunes for only $9.99 support the REALNESS.

  1. ready to rumble (feat Royal Flush)
  2. gangstaz in Ny (feat. NYG's)
  3. H.A.P.H. freestyle (feat H.A.P.H)
  4. deadly combination (feat Mic Geronimo & Shabaam Sahdeeq)
  5. wavin the pen (feat Killa Priest & Killa Sha)
  6. warzone (feat Blaq Poet & Krumbsnatcha)
  7. connect 4 pt. 2 (feat Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Chaundon & Shabaam Sahdeeq)
  8. sex drugs money (feat Chryme Fam)\
  9. 38 revolver flow (feat Shabaam Sahdeeq & Cella Dwellas)
  10. swiss alps (feat Mayhem Lauren & Action Bronson)
  11. set up shop (feat Blitz & ACD)
  12. gangsta on da track (feat Smiley The Ghetto Child)
  13. canibus freestyle (feat Canibus)
  14. brooklyn (feat F.T. aka Fuc That)
  15. let me shine (feat First Cousins)
  16. while you were sleeping (feat Shabaam Sahdeeq, Sha Stimuli & H.A.P.H.)
  17. so called gangstas (feat Blaq Poet)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bostonianz617 runs into Ed O. G 08/14/09

I'm in a cab getting back from the Onyx show which was bangin'. Me, my boy and our wifees were at a red light and who do I see but none other than Boston rap legend Ed O. G. I should have made him pull over for an interview but more than enough drinks later it wasn't the right time or place. He did let us know his new album with Masta Ace drops 10/22/09 on A&E Music. We noticed the whip needed a little body work- I know some grease heads that will take care of you ED O.

Shout out to Big Yamo on the pic.

Gwop Gang- Gwop Gang Radio (mixtape) Hosted by DJ On & On

Bostonianz617 despises Jamn 94.5 and all mainstream radio but DJ On & On is real. Gwop Gang is the truth, they consist of 3 members BR, Bad Newz and Juste all hailing from Beantown boroughs. I've posted their video from back in 07 for the single "Welcome To Boston" which is on this mixtape.

Tape goes hard....


1. radio take over (skit)
2. lay down
3. lil Rolo Skit
4. on ya mark get set
5. pay da bills
6. studio jack (skit)
7. live it up
8. we dont die
9. on & on wild out (skit)
10. Boston (remix)
11. knockin the door
12. fritz sa kep fet
13. dirty
14. team slide through
15. #1 fan skit
16. gwop gang
17. get yours
18. #1 hater (skit)
19. need luv
20. city life
21. signing off
22. boss

Gwop Gang-/Triple Threat- Welcome to Boston (video)

With the title "Welcome to Boston" how can you not love this jam. The beat goes extra hard on this. I'm trying to reach out to these dudes for some more music-they definitely need to be heard.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Cambridge's Portlife44 artist Rigarous-Last Dance Call (single)

My peoples right here been grinding since the 90's. Portlife44 reps the Port section of Cambridge, Ma Bostonianz617 has had the pleasure of growing up with founders Big Si and Taba Moses. They are an entertainment company with a production team and artist line up. The production team consists of DJ Stone Patrone & J-TRX. The one artist that's caught my eye is the MC of the crew named Rigarous. A female MC hailing from Queens NY, she has a similar style to Lil Kim but more rough lyrically. I've never been a big fan of female MC's, they've let me down too much (Remi Ma and Rah Digga). But yo Rigarous is NICE, she's got a lot of potential and upside. This single right here, "Last Dance Call" is what got Bostonianz617 attention-she flows HARD over this beat.

Shout out to founders Big Si and Taba Moses holdin' it down at Portlife44.


Rigarous - Last Dance Call

check the myspace page...

Street Legends- Singapore Kane Featuring Chan (video) Produced by DJ Reel Drama

This track is about two years old but whateva, Singapore kills it and the beat is on point. This is off of Singapore Kane's Terrorist Talk II Welcome To Singapore.

Shout out to DJ Reel Drama on the beat.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beantown's Matty Trump (Producer/Sound Engineer)

Matty Trump is a producer/sound engineer. A Berkley school of music grad he's produced tracks for such artist as Styles P/Jadakiss/Ed O G/Smif n Wessun/Cormega and many more. His studio is located on Newbury St (with Leedz) He's currently working on his highly anticipated album Matty Trump "The Trump Card"

Shout out to Leedz Edutainment and Trump Productions

349 Newbury St Suite 201
Boston, Ma 02115

Betrayl- Where were you (single) (not official video)

Yo I keep tellin' dudes DO NOT SLEEP on Betrayl this man is nice with his, reppin from New Bedford, Ma. A Queenbridge affiliate through Tragedy Khadafi I've said before he reminds me a little of Prospect (from the old Terror Squad) This is a single from his full lenth LP "The Life n Death Of My Hood"

Still trynna find out who produced the beat.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't take it personal- Singapore Kane Featuring Big Shug (video) Produced by Moss

This is already in the video roll but this is one of those other tracks Bostonianz keeps bumpin. The beat has been mistaken for Premo (his style) but nah homies pay attention.

Shout out to Team Shug and Moss on the beat.


Killa Cam@Harper's Ferry (Allston, Ma) 8/20/09

I'm not the biggest fan of Camron's new shit. Can't call what really happened to Dipset but it definitely has had an affect on the whole crew. Still Cam is an original Harlem rapper and anyone who once the held the mic next to the one and only BIG L gets love. Bostonianz will not be in attendance tonight as its his girl's b-day (can't mess that up) should be a good show none the least.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

DJ Deadeye- The Murderous Featuring Termanology, Big Noyd and Big Tac Produced by Cyrus Da Zine

A Lawtown/QB Collabo, I bumped this shit 1,000 times already. One of my favorite jams of the year. The hook on this is bananas yo.... DO NOT SLEEP.
Shout out to Cyrus Da Zine on the beat.

East Boston/Revere's- M.Dot The Real and The Raw Featuring Jaysaun (of Special Teamz) single Prod by Explizit One

M-Dot is an full blood Italian MC from East Boston/Revere now residing in Lynn, Ma. He has a mixtape and a full length LP coming out this winter called "Musically Driven Over Time" guest appearances by Masta Ace/Big Shug/Ed O G/Shi Stimuli/Krumbsnatcha/Singapore Kane/Jaysaun and more.

This is a single off the LP.

shout out to Explizit One on the Beat.

Termanology- I see dead people (video) Produced by Alchemist

Yo, Term really puttin the game on notice. I can't go one week without dude having some new shit out. This is off his Time Machine drop 9/22/09

Shout out to ALC on the beat.

Low IQ- Termanology Featuring Evidence(from Dilated Peoples) Prod by Evidence

A Cali/Murda Mass Collabo, Term and EV go hard on this track. I've been trynna decide who outdoes who as they go back and forth verse for verse. Low IQ is one of my favorite tracks of 09, I've banged this like 1,000 times.

Shout out to Dilated Peoples and EV on the beat.

Cop that Evidence Layover EP

Monday, August 17, 2009

Beantown's Lou Armstrong (Hitmakerz)

I'm actually fairly new to Lou Armstrong and Hitmakerz. I heard his verse on the Mass-as-a-nation single with 36 of New England's best MC's. He has two really nice tracks on the Hitmakerz Presents Lou Armstrong Vol 1 mixtape hosted by the The Drama King DJ Kay Slay. Lou definitely got flow but in my opinion his production is somewhat lacking.

Check out the official video for "you need more people" and "listen" (both tracks 1 video)

Bostonianz@Onyx Show (Harpers Ferry) Allston, Ma 8/14/09

Bostonianz had the pleasure of being at the Onyx show last Friday night. It was a good show but never be in the front of an Onyx show. Dudes be thinking it's a Metallica concert so they start moshin and shit. Fredro and sticky weren 't helping though as they were eggin the crowd on. Note to myself film from a distance.

Lower the volume cause I was right in the front so the speakers were in thump mode.


Cambridge's NBS

NBS (Natural Born Spitters) are Cambridge rap veterans they been going hard since I can remember. Both from the Bean then moved to Cambridge, they consist of 2 members Vee Knuckles & E' Flash, I saw them most recently opening up for MOP at The Middle East. Shout out to the homie Kirk for reminding me NBS on their grind man, rapping to eat. They work with such producers as 9th wonder and Cambridge's J Cardim. I love their new single "CPD" (Cambridge Police Department)taking shots at both CPD and Gates. Not so surprisingly to me the shots they take at Gates who really tried to pull the "I'm black card".

Someone is pulled over in Central Sq Cambridge every 30 minutes by my count.

New Single "CPD"

(not official video)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Noboby Smilin'- Termanology (official video) Produced and Directed By Statik Selektah

Damn Term gettin' a lot of love from this blogger but hey the man is on his grind right now working hard. "Nobody Smilin'" is a single from Term's new drop Time Machine due out September 22nd. What I love about Term is he continuously pays homage to the roots of hip hop hence the Rakim sample nobody smilin'.


Paid my dues- Lee Bannon Feat Singapore Kane, Termanology and Big Shug(single)

Shout out to Sacramento, Ca producer Lee Bannon on the beat.
Not official video

Singapore Kane- Mollywop Feat Big Shug (new single) Produced by Lil Fame

New Single from Team Shug soldier Singapore Kane. He's making a nice rise to the top as far as I'm concerned. New LP due out sometime in October "Living Militant"

Hot shit..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lawtown- Big Dreamers(rmx) feat Reks/Termanology/Krumsnatcha Prod by Statik Selektah

RIP Scientific......

Lawrence reppin all day

Beantown Racer (my man G's bike)

I ran into one of my peeps from back in the day last week he was on his bike chillin'. My man G is a bike freak and has a collection of 5. One bike REALLY caught my eye though, he's a die hard Sox fan like me I have my tats to prove it he's got the sickest bike in the Bean to prove it. This bike is sick! look at the size of that back tire and the shaded B's below the seat and on the fender. I'd rock this shit right in front of Fenway or better yet right in front of Yankee Stadium like "WHAT!"
See the specs on the bike
2007 Kawasaki ZX-10R
Airbrushing was done by Killer Kreations out in Philly.
Sitting on Calypso rims, front 17" rear 20" with 6 inch lip on both sides with 280mm Avon rear tire.
6" Extended swingarm over stock.
Air ride suspension by Tricky Air.
Shorty exhaust pipe by Roaring Toyz.
Rearview camera with Alpine TME-M740BT 7" screen which control rearview camera and Ipod dock in trunk.
5.25" Alpine speaker in undertail, two 4" Alpine speakers in front fairing.
Custom front and rear Strobe lights.
Custom baseball seats was done by All-Nu Upholstery in revere Ma.
Custom HID lights.
Full range Scorpio alarm system.

Shout out to Gary reppin Beantown.

This bike an extreme chic magnet.

Cambridge's J. Cardim (interview with

Your producer's favorite producer did a little video interview on making beats and who the best producers in the game are. I'm really feeling his beats even the one he's just messin' around with in the interview. He's definitely reppin the Bean to the fullest I just really haven't heard him the scream CAMBRIDGE.....C'mon J Cardim "what you think cause we HARVARD boston niggas dont be robbin'/mobbin' when we starvin' "

Nah its all good keep making them head bang beats...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Joe Budden... I told you so.....STUPID!

I wanna try and keep it all Beantown but every once in a while I gotta voice my opinion. A month ago I took a little time out to blog about this DICK trynna call out Method Man. I had said this was a HUGE MISTAKE calling out Legendary Wu member Method Man. Well, it just so happens that Budden was clocked by one of Reakwon's people at a Rock The Bells concert. I do not advocate any sort of violence regarding hip-hop beefs but he should of known this was coming. Word is Rea has a video stream of the incident and Joe has come out with why/how it happened. He claims he was outnumbered which apparently he was and could not defend himself....SO WHAT! Take a beating like a man, its not like they was gonna kill you. Again man, I do not promote violence but if anyone in the entire hip hop industry deserved a beat down it's this man. His non-relevant rhymes have gotten him in a world of trouble. It will be interesting to see if Slaughterhouse will retaliate in anyway. In a way it's sad cause I love both groups (minus Budden) but you get what you deserve.

Onyx@Harpers Ferry Allston, Ma 8/14/09

Shout out to Harpers Ferry and Leedz Edutainment. Another one of my favorite rap groups of all time will be performing at Harpers Ferry Friday, August 14th. This show is 2 weeks prior to the Capone-N-Noreaga show so save your change homies. This is another must see show for any rap fanatic, you know I'll definitely be there. One member will not be in attendance of course RIP 4th member X1.

Don't be stupid support the REALNESS

Capone-N-Noreaga@Middle East Cambridge, Ma 8/28/09

Shout out to Middle East Cambridge and Leedz Edutainment. Legendary rap Duo CNN coming to The Middle East Friday August 21st (upstairs section) This is a must see show for any rap fanatic. I'm really hoping they do a long set but who knows, what I do know Is I'll be there. The show is promoted by none other than Leedz Edutainment.
Don't be stupid support the REALNESS.

Friday, August 7, 2009

DJ Deadeye Featuring ST. Da Squad- Blood Brothers (single) Produced by Moss

New single from ST. Da Squad. All the work this crew is puttin' in you know they're gonna be around for a long time. Shout out to Moss on the production, I first heard Moss' production on Big Shug's "Other Side Of The Game" LP.

Boston got now...

Peep the sinlge

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Roxbury's Ed O. G teams up with Masta Ace

Now I can't stress enough the magnitude of these two legendary MC's working with each other. Ed O. G, the King Of The Bean, has been grinding since the late 80's starting his career with his hit single "I got to have it." At the same time Brooklyn native and legendary MC Masta Ace was part of the hottest hip hop crew of their time (late 80's) "The Juice Crew." This group consisted of pioneer MC's Biz Markie/Craig G/Kool G Rap/Tragedy Khadafi/Big Daddy Kane/Roxane Shante and Producer/Founder Marley Marl. They're performing live tonight in Brooklyn (sorry for the late alert). They are also working on an album together on A&E Music-didn't even know A&E was in music. The project is due out sometime in September. This album is a must cop album for any real rap fan. Ed O and Ace have collaborated on many prior efforts but no full lenth LP.
Peep their single and fitting title "Little Young"

Murda Mass- Mass-as-a-Nation (single)

Ayo- this single right here is my favorite Boston track of all time! Mass-as-a-Nation is 15 minutes long produced by Statik Selektah featuring 36 of Beantown/New England MC's. My man Check comes in 10th right after Slaine. Ed O G, fittingly of course being the King Of The Bean, comes in last. The track list is bananas yo... it features Statik Selektah, Termanology, Dre Robinson, Larry Cheeba, Akrobatik, Big Shug, Ghetto, Ea$Y Money, Krumbsnatcha, Lou Armstrong, Slaine, Checkmark, Wally Gramz,Ren Kali, Singapore Kane, G-Eyez, REKS, EV, Artisin, Steis, BallKclub, Jaysaun, Snuk, Brass and Ed O G. I know there are more but I can't find the complete artist list. Everyone is on this track except for two dudes, Betrayl and Phinelia- though I'm not sure how long Phinelia has lived in the Bean. Betrayl is a beast hailing from New Bedford Mass, all you producers and rappers please don't sleep, collab with these dudes.

From Termanology's "Hood Politics V"

Cambridge's Big Check AKA Check Mark

This Rapper/Entrepreneur happens to be a lifelong friend of mine. We used to kick it in his moms apartment back in day listening to Dougie Fresh and the Get Fresh Crew. I've always had the passion to follow the rap scene like I was a DJ. Check always had the passion to actually be a rapper. I want to make one thing clear my man Check is getting a post not because he's a friend of mine but because he is NICE WITH HIS. I've been pushing Check to stay on his grind for a minute now, with all the doo doo rappers out there he can shine. I told him life takes some funny turns sometimes but do what you love to do. Check is 1/2 of the Cambridge Rap Duo Skitzofreniks the other half being Eddie Bones. This is Check's first solo album called "Vitta Matta" it's due out soon. Check has linked up with none other than Statik Selektah for some production. Fuckin with Statik right now is MONEY straight up.

Here's a little teaser track produced by Statik Selektah

Bam Bam (Remix) Featuing Check, Red Cafe and Termanology

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lawtown's Shortfyuz

Lawrence really really reppin man you can't deny the talent coming out of Lawtown. Shortfyuz is a producer I discovered him just listening to tracks and looking up who produced them. Come to find out he's producing for D-Block/MOP/Reakwon he's got a new Produced single called "Wild Puerto Ricans" Featuring Puerto Rican DJ/Rapper Tony Touch.

Check the single homies.

"Wild Puerto Ricans" Feat Termanology , Easy Money and Tony Touch

Cambridge's Troy Anthony AKA Trizz

In any form of entertainment, be it Rap/Movies/Singing/Pro Sports, you have to look good. Troy Anthony's Barber Shop in Cambridge has been a staple for style and looks as far as I can remember. This barber is not just about fades and hair designs, he can do just about anything you want. He's not just about cutting black people type hair or white people type hair, he'll cut whomever's hair as long as it's doable and at the end of the day you'll look good. My man T was cutting our entire high school's hair after school for 5 beans a head. His house was open to everyone who needed a haircut. You would come into his crib and wait on his sectional couch until he came home (first come first served). It was inevitable he would one day own his own shop. This blogger HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommends this shop for any style you want. He'll tell you if it's gonna be wack too- he cares about his clientele not just the money. Troy has cut hair for many people from high profile rappers to pro athletes. Please come visit Troy Anthony's on the corner of Cambridge and Prospect St.

Big ups to all the other barbers who are employed at Troy Anthony's Barber Shop.