Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Masta Ace & Ed O. G @The Goodlife Boston Ma 10/22/09

“Hip Hop………..alive and bumping in the Bean”

Written by: Big Yamo & Marco for Bostonianz617

Just as many have nearly come to accept the fact that Hip Hop is dead…………… The Good Life Bar in Boston played host to what in our eyes was “hip hop at its finest hour” and from the looks of everyone else who was there, they felt the same. Beantown rap legend Ed O.G and Brooklyn’s King of the Underground, Masta Ace came together to promote the duo’s first album together “Arts & Entertainment” at The Good Life for their record release party. The two performed several tracks from their album such as “Hands High” and their latest single “Little Young” which kept the crowd bumping and begging for more. Ace and Ed O also each performed solo tracks from their hay days which would be the late 80’s (I got to have it & Symphony). One interesting note, Both Ed O and Ace performed within the crowd not on any sort of stage or designated area. This was quite interesting to see them interact closely with the fans.

To top off the night, after an electrifying performance by Ace & Edo, Bostonianz617 got to witness Queensbridge great Marley Marl, one of hip hop’s greatest pioneers and original Juice Crew capo, spin it up on the turn tables that kept the crowd moving. Beantown welcomed Marley with open arms making his first time experience doing a show in Boston one to remember. The crowd appreciated everything that Marley threw at them, nothing but decades of classic hip hop and the memory of when hip hop was at its pure dominance in the music industry. It honestly felt like a big party that just kept getting better track after track. The fan base was on the older side ranging from low 30’s and above. You could sense the respect everyone had for one another and what presence they were in front of. The Bean showed nothing but love, and for that received the same amount of love in return.

Bostonianz617 had the honor to pay homage to the legends that still today bless their fans with nothing but solid beats and creative lyrics. On another note, one good perk of the night was that admission was only 10$ which included their full length CD. Make sure to grab the album “Arts & Entertainment” by Mast Ace and Ed O.G in stores now.
Make sure to check out Bostonianz617 for all your latest beats and up to date news and information from the city only dedicated to Hip Hop…………… Peace out.
Masta Ace & Ed O. G- Little Young
Masta Ace & Ed O.G- Hands High

Tone Spliff Featuring Krumbsnatcha- Do it for you (video)

New video jump off by the homeys KS and Tone Spliff.

Shout out to Murda Mass.


M-Dot- Backstabbers (video trailer)

The homey M-Dot almost done with video for "Backstabbers"

Here is a nice little teaser vid.

M-Dot - Backstabbers Teaser Trailer from Christopher Figueroa on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cormega- Live at Harpers Ferry 10/20/09 (Videos shot by Bostonianz617)

The highly anticipated album by the Queensbridge legend Cormega was released Tuesday 10/20/09. Where of all places do you think Mega would have his record release party on the day his CD hits stores? That's right people Beantown.

started his day at the offices for a meet and greet autograph/interview session. He reflected on his career regarding some bad decisions he made, the state of hip-hop, and how the Internet has changed the rap game.

Later on that evening, he made his way over to Harpers Ferry located at 158 Brighton Ave Allston Ma. Mega is not the MC that has you jumping up and down but instead has you mesmerized by his wordplay. To start off he kept it current with tracks from his new joint "Born & Raised" while paying tribute to the old school by rocking the square-styled Run DMC glasses from the 80's. He then said the magic words "aiight ya'll want to bring it way back" to which he received a loud roar. The crowd had something to remember as Mega went a full hour and a half. To the surprise of the guest of honor, the crowd knew the lyrics to almost every track pre-Born & Raised.
This was a great show and a night to remember for Bostonianz617.

review written and videos shot by Marco for Bostonianz617.

Phinelia- For the record (video) Shot by Marco for Bostonianz617

The homey Phinelia opening up for Cormega at Harpers Ferry Brighton Ma.

Dude is nice with his.

Tragic Allies- Reality Check (freestyles)

The weekly jump off from Tragic Allies.

Keep them coming.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tragic Allies- Murderous (single)

Another hot Tragic Allies joint and featured on the Dotgotit Mixtape.

Shout out to Lynn, Ma

Sorry for not having the live stream but take our word for it.

Track is banging.

M-Dot Featuring Praveb, Kritikal & Mayhem- Very few (Produced by Teddy Roxpin)

Off the new Dotgotit mixtape.

Shout out to EMS crew.

Stalion (Of ST. Da Squad)- Hard Times (video)

New video by Stalion of ST. Da Squad.

They putting in work.

Dotgotit- The Mixtape (singles)

What up peoples my homies over at Dotgotit hooked me up with some more singles from their upcoming mixtape dropping 10/30/09.

shout out to The Council.

Revelation (of EMS)- Shutcha Mouth (Produced by DC)

Singapore Kane Featuring Big Shug- Mollywop (Produced by Fizzy Wo)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Strick9 Featuring D & Kore- On Track (single) Produced by Atlas

This homey from that EMS crew. Bostonianz617 slept on this mixtape but like we always say the Bean got talent.

Shout out to Atlas on the beat.

Gwop Gang- Lay Down (single)

Gwop Gang is original Beantown. Other crews need to recognize that the Gwop name straight Boston.

Get your own name.

Wiseguys- In the company of killaz

If you from the Bean and don't have this you should be ashamed of yourself.
Shout out to all the Beantown boroughs.
1. Blazin 'Em (feat Tony Rhome & Moty & J-Stone & Hardcore & Stets & E-Devious & One Man Gang & Benzino & Cool Gzus)
2. Wiseguys
3. Doubleheada (feat Blazertown & Im & J-Hops)
4. Manhood
5. Brick Life (Here Today, Gone Tomorrow) (feat Cool Gzus & Mag Steel)
6. Draztic Meazures (Investigate My Whole Team)
7. Team Playa (feat DB-11 & E-Devious)
8. In Tha Company Of Killaz (feat Cool Gzus & E-Devious)
9. True Lies (feat One Man Gang & Belnel Mike)
10. Take Care Of Our Own (feat Hostile & Hardcore)
11. Bordaline (feat The All)
12. Maintain (feat G-Pack)
13. You Shoulda Squeezed (feat The All)
14. All The Same (feat Cool Gzus)
15. Hollow Tips (feat The All & Prodigy & Ty Nitty & GOD Pt III)Extra:
16. In Tha Company Of Killaz (Remix)Extra: 17. Satisfaction

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jus Mic- Everyday sometimes Produced by D Roof

You ain't from the Bean that's all good if you hit me up and Bostonianz617 feeling your music we going to support you.
Shout out to Cleveland,Ohio & D Roof on the beat.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dotgotit- The Mixtape (out 10/30/09)

Don't sleep on my peoples over at Dotgotit.
Beantown repping hard on their upcoming mixtape.

Retrospek- Straight raw the leaders (off the mixtape)

Slaine Featuring Jaysaun & Bad Newz- This is the end (single)

Another banging Beantown collaboration.
Who knows what beat this was originally for? "New York is the Rotten Apple this is the bloody Bean"

Lacoka Nostra- Do it (single)

This joint off that" Audacity Of Coke" mixtape hosted by the Showoff king Statik Selektah.

Slaine goes off on the second verse.

Masta Ace & Ed O G@Goodlife Bar Boston 10/22/09

This the record release jump off for the Arts & Entertianment LP their releasing.

Check the Bostonianz617 review coming next week.
Also in the house is the legendary DJ Marley Marl.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Krumbsnatcha- Relax (video)

Krumbsnatcha been holding it down for a minute now.

He stay on his grind.

Sev One- Boston (single)

My man Sev one reppin for Waltham, Ma but of course for the Bean all the way.

"You know where I be at where everybody rock the B hats"

The Official 2009 CMJ Mixtape (Mixed by Statik Selektah & DJ Dutchmaster)

This is the official "Music Marathon & Film Festival 09" mixtape.

The tracks list is jumpin and mixed by Showoff and Beantown vet Statik Selektah.


1. “Jaded” Statik feat. Reks, Termanology, JFK & Kali (produced by Statik Selektah)
2. “Crazy” M.O.P. feat Termanology (produced by Statik Selektah)
3. “Dinner Time” Royce Da 5′9 feat. Busta Rhymes (produced by Q Tones)
4. “Take Me To NY” Jadakiss (produced by Street Heat)
5. “The More I Get” Consequence feat. Rick Ross (produced by Statik Selektah & Consequence)6. “Jaded” Statik Selektah feat. Joe Scudda, Tuch North & Diz Giban (produced by Statik Selektah)
7. “Fear” Drake (produced by DJ Khalil8. “Never Let Go” Fabulous (produced by DJ Khalil)
9. “Journey” Cormega (produced by Large Professor)
10. “Protocol” Snoop Dogg (produced by Nottz)
11. “Oasis” A.G. & O.C. (produced by Statik Selektah) Dj Dutchmaster Mix…
12. “Intro: Dj Dutchmaster” Bekay & Donny Goines (produced by M-Phazes)
13. “Return Of The Real” Skyzoo (produced by Just Blaze)
14. “Foundation” M.O.P. (produced by M-Phazes)
15. “Little Young” Ace & Edo (produced by M-Phazes)
16. “Move Back” Sha Stimuli (produced by Just Blaze)
17. “Figure Four” Sean Price (produced by Blick)
18. “Life As A Shorty” Fashawn (produced by Exile)
19. “Bold And Arrogant” Emilio Rojas (produced by M-Phazes)
20. “New Money” Royce Da 5′9 (produced by Street Runner)
21. “Play By Play” One Dae feat. Evidence (produced by JBL the Titan)
22. “Bloodsport” Bekay (produced by Shuko)
23. “I Ain’t Trippin” El Da Sensei feat. Ghettosocks & Timbuktu (produced by The Returners)24. “Trust No One” J The S (produced by DJ Ings)

Tragic Allies- Heaven and Hell (Freestyle)

The monday joint from my peoples Tragic Allies.

A little message by the homey Purpose

Peace! It’s Monday and you know what that means, so lets get the show on the road! For this week’s joint we hit you with a dope back and forth freestyle track over Rza’s “Heaven & Hell” Instrumental from Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Album. P.S. Please feel free to leave feedback in the comments section whether it’s good or bad. Thanks for your time and support!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Royce Da 5'9- Bar Exam (mixed by Statik Selektah & DJ Premier)

Statik Selektah & DJ Premier= a Royce Da 5'9 mixtape better than your whole album.
01 Crazed Madman Intro
02 Heat to the Streets f. Kid Vishis (prod. Green Lantern)
03 It’s the New
04 I’m Me Freestyle
05 I’m Nice
06 Gun Music (prod. Green Lantern)
07 Weatherman f. Sucka Free & Kid Vishis
08 I’m the Shit Fool!!! (Interlude)
09 We Deep f. Trick Trick (prod. Denaun Porter)
10 Let the Beat Build Freestyle f. Stretch Money
11 Royal Flush Freestyle f. Canibus & Elzhi
12 Jockin My Fresh (prod. Green Lantern)
13 Gettin Money Freestyle
14 Gangsta Remix f. Akon (prod. Green Lantern)
15 Happy Bar Exam 2 f. Marv Won
16 Ignorant Shit Freestyle
17 Flow Boy f. Tondalaya
18 Been Shot Down (prod. Green Lantern)
19 J-Ro vs. Mike B (Skit)
20 Kill Em Pt. 2 f. Kid Vishis
21 Wall Street f. June The Great
22 Royce Outro

Statik Selektah- The champs are here vol 3 (mixtape)

This mixtape from back in 08 but it's loaded with Beantown heavyweights.

Shout out to Statik Selektah and Showoff Records.
01 – Statik Selektah’s Banner 17 Intro
02 – Frankie Wainwright “The Champs Are Here” Freestyle
03 – Termanology “I Shine (To Whom It May Concern)” (produced by J Hunt)
04 – Reks “Say Goodnight” (produced by Dj Premier)
05 – 360 Infinite ft Lou Armstrong “Watch Me”
06 – Termanology “Talking To God”
07 – Statik Selektah ft. Reks, Termanology & Krumbsnatcha “Big Dreamers (Lawtown Mix)”
08 – Slaine “Mistaken Identity” (produced by Statik Selektah for Showoff)
09 – Roc Dukati & Smoke Bulga ft Max B “U Dont Know”
10 – Supastar LT – Get Money
11 – Granite State ft Evidence of Dilated Peoples “One Shot”
12 – Krumb Snatcha “This Feeling” (produced by the Beatminerz)
13 – Big Shug “Muf#cka” (produced by Dj Premier)
14 – Chi Knox & Reks “Swagger” (produced by Soul Theory)
15 – St. Da Squad “The Burial” (produced by Fizzy Womack)
16 – JFK “Bleed Green” (produced by Statik Selektah for Showoff)
17 – Dre Robinson & Termanology “U Already Know” (produced by DC for Showoff)
18 – Reks ft Lil Fame of MOP “All In One (5 Mics)” (produced by Blaze P for Showoff)
19 – Frankie Wainwright “Monsta” (produced by Masspike Miles)
20 – Singapore Kane ft Big Shug “Take It Personal” (produced by MoSS)
21 – Dj 2thirteen Interlude
22 – Lucky Dice “Chained to the Game” (produced by J Cardim)
23 – G Eyez ft J Tronius “All That You Are”
24 – Cyrus Da Zine “Beantown NY” (produced by J Cardim)
25 – DL “License To Kill”
26 – Proph Bundy ft. Kool Gzus & Mane Da Rolla “Greezy”
27 – Mall G ft Max B “Pocket Full of Stones”
28 – Statik Outro
29 – BONUS: Masspike Miles ft Rick Ross “Get It Together”

Friday, October 16, 2009

Omega Red- POP 3 (video)

Bostoniaz617 just got hip to dude Omega Red but its all good it only makes it clear the Bean making some noise.

This joint Bangin!

Big Shug- Play it (video) Produced by DJ Premier

This should have been posted a minute ago but Bostonianz617 slept. Either way its up so enjoy the realness.

Shout out to DJ Premier.

BR (of Gwop Gang)- Guns Featuring Letia Lerok

Bostonianz617 loves them Gwop Gang kids. This a new single from the homey BR reppin Mattapan aka Murdapan to the fullest.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

V. Knuckles (of N.B.S.) Crack Music (video)

Now comes the other half of N.B.S. the homey V. Knuckes with his video for "Crack Music". Jamn 94.5 makes Bostonianz617 feel sick but On & On is the dude.

E-Flash (OF N.B.S.)- Law and Order (single)

This a new single from 1 1/2 of the Cambridge rap duo N.B.S. Bostonianz617 loves the substance of this track. It's all about the judicial system hence the title Law and Order. This will be featured on The Ledge Mixtape out soon.

Shout out to my city Cambridge.

Cormega@Harpers Ferry 10/20/09 (Brighton, Ma)


Cormega first burst into national consciousness in 1996 when he was featured on “Affirmative Action” from Nas’ sophomore album, It Was Written. He joined the all-star supergroup, The Firm – originally Nas, Foxy Brown, and Cormega (later replaced by Nature). The alliance with The Firm was short-lived, but Cormega’s lyrical prowess and street credibility strengthened Cormega’s underground following and landed him a contract with Violator/Def Jam. Appearances on Mobb Deep’s “Murda Muzik,” Prodigy’s solo album “H.N.I.C.,” Funkmaster Flex’s Vol II and a host of other underground mixtapes built his resume as hip-hop’s realest lyricist. In 2000, he started his own label, Legal Hustle Records and released several critically acclaimed solo albums The Realness (2001) and The True Meaning (2002) and in 2005 he gained the right from Def Jam to release the first album he ever recorded, The Testament, which he describes as his rawest album ever. After a long recording hiatus, Cormega return in 2009 with Born And Raised (2009) which he calls “the truest look into me not just as an artist, but as a writer and as a person. Born & Raised, features production from DJ Premier, Large Professor, Easy Mo Bee, Havoc, Buckwild, DR Period, LES, Nottz, Fuzzy Womack, Ayatollah, Khrysis and appearances by Big Daddy Kane, Parish Smith, Grand Puba, KRS-One, Tragedy, Havoc, Lil Fame, Marley Marl, and Red Alert. His proudest musical moment during the making of Born And Raised was the recording of “Mega Fresh X” (produced by Buckwild) with Big Daddy Kane, Parish Smith, Grand Puba, and KRS-One introduced by Red Alert.

18+ ONLY - 8PM

G'd Up Featuring SE7EN, Dre Robinson & M-Dot (Produced by Pauly Fingaz)

New video joint from the hard working Beantown vets.

Shout out to Pauly Fingaz on the beat

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monday, October 12, 2009

Betrayl- Marked for death (single)

Betrayl the most slept on MC in Mass hands down. Wake up people the homey is real deal Hollyfield.

Singapore Kane- Summer time in the city (single)

this joint crazy hot sampling for that old 70's hit "summer time in the city" by the band The Lovin Spoonful.

Summer time Boston Mass.