Saturday, February 27, 2010

Q-Unique, Ill Bill & Slaine – Crillionaires (Single)

Another hard working Boston rapper.

Eeverybody hates Greg- Mixtape (Pollymore Music)

From our people over at

Straight Beantown.

Back on January 29th ThatsMajor.Info contributor G. Valentino Ball decided to throw his annual birthday party at "The Tavern" in Boston, MA. ThatsMajor.Info & Pollymore Music decided to put together a compilation in order to celebrate. The compilation titled "Everybody Hates Greg" features some of the most popular tracks by Amandi, City Slickers, and Dre Robinson.

Nucci Reyo – The Crazies (Hosted by Da Hitman) (Mixtape)

Recommende by our fam over at
Live stream from datpiff.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Termanology- Interview (Done by Marco) Bostonianz617 Video

Termanology took some time out to speak with me at the Freeway & Jake One "Stimulus Package" performance (Middle East Cambridge Ma)

Term speaks on staying real busy, working with Lil Pun, St. Da Squad, the latino movement and more.

shout out to Leedz Edutainment and my family

Look out for our Ghetto (of St. Da Squad) interview.

Let's Make Enemies ft. Revalation & Sha Stimuli - Everyday (single)

Our homey Rev(of EMS) hit us up with this.

Waasawki Music Group is proud to present Let's Make Enemies (Tha Silent Partner & Mayhem) with their promotional single "Everyday" Ft. Revalation Of EMS And Sha Stimuli

Everyday Chronicles the struggles and hardship of everyday life as told by these 3 talented emcees (Mayhem, Revalation & Sha Stimuli). Accompanied with Tha Silent Partner on production, Let's Make Enemies makes everyday bulls#%! sound GOOD!

The Audible Doctor - The Crackers EP Vol. 1

Highly recommended by our fam over at

We co-signing too though.

"WE GOT A RECORD DEAL!!" feat. A.G. (D.I.T.C.) & El Da Sensei (VIDEO)

Our dude DJ.SAV.ONE hit us off with another episode of Eternia.

Not gonna front man we're actually really curious about this album.

Moss producing the whole joint.....thats money.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Mos Def Featuring Talib Kweli- History (Scotty Nevers Remix)

We were hit up by Scotty Nevers a beat maker from Hyannis Mass on this.

Thats right ya'll Hyannis.

Freeway & Jake One- Throw ya hands up (Bostonianz617 Video)

Freeway& Jake One were killing it at the Middle East Cambridge.

Cop that "Stimulus Package" LP

Shout out to Leedz Edutainment.

Freeway & Jake One- Live at the Middle East (Bostonianz617 Video)

Freeway & Jake one= JEAAH

We couldn't get on stage though.

Termanology- Wild Puerto Ricans (Bostonianz617 Video)

Hard working Termanology opening up for Freeway & Jake One.

Shout out to Leedz Edutainment.

Heddshotts- Live@the Middle East (Bostonianz617 Video)

We've been scouting these dudes out and they definitely have some heat.

This joint dope.

opening up for Freeway & Jake One.

Someone get me the track name.

Shout out to Leedz Edutainment.

Slaine@The Middle East (Review & Footage) Bostonianz617 Video

Slaine at Harper’s Ferry

By: Yamil Collazo AKA Big Yamo

On January 9th 2010, Bostonianz617 got down to business at it’s first rap show of the New Year, as Slaine (La Coka Nostra, Special Teamz) Boston native, destroyed the mic at Harper’s Ferry in Allston, Massachusetts. The event was promoted by Leedz Eduatianment. It was definitely an event worth standing front row and getting some up close camera footage. In my honest opinion I do believe Slaine is a talented emcee and great live performer. His raw style and lyrical skill definitely kept the crowd in the show from the moment he stepped on stage from the moment he stepped off it, performing tracks such as “Bang Bang” which Features Snoop Dogg. The place was bumping which was not surprising, due to the fact that Slaine does have a great fan base.

The night did not just end with Slaine rocking the crowd; he was joined on stage by his fellow group members of Special Teamz, Jaysaun and Ed O.G. The group performed from their album “Sterotypez” the single "Three Kings". I must say I thought Special Teamz performing live was an amazing performance by the trio. We even got to witness a sentimental moment as the group expressed how they felt about Slaine and giving him the respect he has earned.

Keep checking for Slaine he got a nice career ahead of him.

Beantown doing things.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

N.B.S. Featuring G Eyez & Rah Vital- Empty Techs (single)

You already now fam.

Crimebridge where we from.

Amadeus The Stampede- Me Vs Me- Mixtape

We be forgetting about Amadeus sometimes.

How could we right....straight Beantown.

Erg One Featuring Mr Phillips- See You Shinning (single) Produced by Wizard At Will

We all about Erg One.

This joint DOPE!


Slaine- Freestyle (single) Stu Bangas/Vanderslice

We told you we aint sleeping on Stu Bangas no more.

Shout out to Slaine.

Amadeus The Stampede- Fair To Say (single)

Yo son this joint bring it.
First joint off the mixtape we chose.
Shout out to Leedz Edutainment.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snowgoons & Sicknature Featuring Special Teamz, Big Shug & Singapore Kane- 40 Bars (single)

Normally we'd do a Boston city pic but we found the whole team in one pic.

shout out to Sicknature and Snowgoons repping the Bean to the Fullest.

Ghetto Featuring Mr F.A.B. & Termanology- 50 States (single)

Wasn't one of our favorite joints at first.

Now it is.........

Germ Ghee- They Dont Get Respect (single)

We were hit up by either homeboy or his peoples on this track.

Hailing from Jamaica Plain Germ Ghee definitely impresses.

Good looks yo.

Sicknature Featuring Reks & Rakaa Iriscience- Goon Stampede (single)

Dilated Peoples & Showoff Collaboration.

Shouts to Sicknature.

N.B.S.- BOSTON (single)

We only wish the the song was longer.

V-Knuckles & E-Flash=Crimebridge

Statik Selektah "100 proof The HangOver" SOB's NYC Featuting Freeway, JFK,Joe, Scudda & Reks (video)

Beantown in the NYC.

You know how we do.


Moss & Eternia get Co-Sign from Premo, Statik Selektah & Termanology (video)

We posting this cause we definitely feeling Moss.

He make ill beats...We need more listens on Eternia though.

Courtesy of DJ Sav One

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DJ Deadeye Featuring Skyzoo & Termanology- Girl Interrupted (single)

Bucktown/Murda Mass

get it in.

N.B.S. Featuring D-Tex & Rah Vital- Its Crimebridge (single)

Crimebridge all day.


Phinelia- Complicated (single)

Phinelia got that flow.


Wispers- Move (single)

Took us a little while to feel Wispers.

He won us over though.

Conspiracy Worldwide Hip Hop Radio- Feb 12 Podcast (6hr live stream)

We get hit with so many podcasts from people that we dont post.

But not our homey Montana who does it real.

Can't forget Ebens Matik who does it real as well.

Freeway joins us live from the studio to talk Roc A Fella, Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel, Islam and much more, in a rare interview with one of hip hop's most productive. He also delivers some exclusive news about his future plans for a collaboration with Slug from Atmosphere.

Young Chris is an artist who has openly rejected deals with such colossal hip hop labels as Def Jam, Interscope, yet remains upbeat as he oozes his confidence onto our show. He talks of his relationship with Dame Dash, Jay-Z and of course the reasons behind some of his major career decisions.

N.O.R.E. Noreaga is in an exhilarated mood as we take time to explore the new CNN album War Report 2. We talk DJ Premier,Tragedy Khadafi,recreating the buzz of the CNN debut and of course, indulge in a heart-warming discussion about Big Pun. Noreaga was one of Pun's best friends and tells us of his fondest unpublicised memories, as well as the news of the exclusive Big Pun music on its way. We even talk Cormega vs Freddie Foxx.

When celebrating the life of Big Pun, nobody is more qualified with first hand information than his wife, Liza Rios. She takes time away form a wake to reminisce on her husbands legacy, as we discuss the joys and pains of Big Punisher, including the new music of Pun's children and their aspirations for 2010.

Sadat X is an enthralling artist and the passion that flows through his heart for hip hop. is undeniably unrivaled. As well as discussing his new album Wild Cowboys 2, we allow Sadat to explain his extreme shock and frustration at not being allowed to attend the VH1 Hip Hop Honours. He has his own opinions on Freddie Foxx.

Statik Selektah is one of hip hop's most hard-working and gifted producers. His new album is as strong an album as you are likely to hear all year and he joins us literally minutes before his radio show with Pete Rock, to talk optimism, wastemen artists and those that paid no attention to him until his recent recognition.

DJ RJD2 joins us for an in-depth exploration of his career and new album,a s we explore the early MHz days and all of the artists he has worked with since, Essential listening for all aspiring producers and musicians.