Friday, July 31, 2009

Beantown's Stu Bangas

The Bean gettin' a grip on the production game as well with of course Statik Selektah and J Cardim but coming out the cut is Stu Bangas. Moved from DC to the Bean in 04 since then he's really mastered his craft no bullshit, credits include: Raze, Helta Skeltah, Vinnie Paz, Planet Asia, Cappadona, Kool G Rap, Bloodsport, Krumbsnatcha, Ill Bill, Slaine, Reef the Lost Cauze, Blaq Poet, Big Noyd, Akir, Doap Nixon, King Magnetic, Termanology, Cashmere, Jake the Snake feat. Ras Kass, Jake the Snake feat. Devin the Dude, Skyzoo, NBS, Jaysaun . etc... I first noticed him on the Heltah Skeltah single "Ruck n Roll"

Peep his mixtape(hosted by Statik Selektah)

01. Stu Bangas - Intro
02. Stu Bangas - King of The Jungle Ft. Blaq Poet, Termanology Jaysaun
03. Stu Bangas - Heavy Metal Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze Krumbsnatcha
04. Stu Bangas - Hiroshima Ft. Slaine
05. Stu Bangas - Kilograms Ft. Jake The Snake Ras Kass
06. Stu Bangas - Two Guns Two Bodies Ft. K Beta Bloodsport
07. Stu Bangas - Reel Story Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze Amadeus
08. Stu Bangas - Interlude09. Stu Bangas - Drugs Ft. Krumbsnatcha
10. Stu Bangas - Bangmatic Ft. Ill Bill, Slaine Reef The Lost Cauze
11. Stu Bangas - Snza Ft. Jake The Snake
12. Stu Bangas - Smash The Streets Ft. NBS
13. Stu Bangas - Bright City Lights Ft. Krumbsnatcha
14. Stu Bangas - Get Low Ft. Jake The Snake, Slaine Bad Newz
15. Stu Bangas - You Already Know Ft. Blak Madeen
16. Stu Bangas - Class Is In Session Ft. Reef The Lost Cauze Skyzoo
17. Stu Bangas - Outro

Slaine and Lacoka Nostra- A Brand You Can Trust LP

Slaine's other crew Lacoka Nostra has dropped their new LP "A Brand You Can Trust" I wasn't a big fan of this crew(minus Slaine) I always thought ill Bill screamed too much but the more I listened the more I began to appreciate their sound. They gots to get props for being original and really creating a new sound. This is only the second all white (besides Beastie Boys) rap group that's been successful. White/Black whatever these dudes can spit plus Southie reppin hard per Slaine.

Peep the album and Mixtape(mixed by Statik Selektah)

"A brand you can trust"

01. Bloody Sunday Ft. Big Left And Sen Dog 3:13
02. Get You By 4:01
03. Bang Bang Ft. Snoop Dogg 3:30
04. The Stain 5:21
05. I'm An American Ft. B-Real 3:59
06. Brujeria Ft. Sick Jacken 2:41
07. Once Upon A Time 3:19
08. Cousin Of Death 4:18
09. Choose Your Side Ft. Bun B 4:22
10. Hardcore Chemical 3:23
11. Soldier's Story Ft. Sick Jacken 3:50
12. Gun In Your Mouth 3:39
13. Nuclear Medicinemen Ft. Q-Unique And Immortal Technique 4:30
14. That's Coke 3:09
15. Fuck Tony Montana Ft. Q-Unique And B-Real 4:23

Beantown's Kreators- No Contest LP

This Jaysaun's (from Special Teamz) old crew they consisted of 4 members Jaysaun/Big Juan/XL and DJ G Squared. Anyone remember that jam "Home" with Big Shug/Akrobatik/Krumb Snatcha and Guru??? Yeah that's them...Well I want to let people know they have a classic album called "No Contest" now you might think I'm saying the album is classic because I'm bias due to them being from the Bean. Nah dawg that's the furthest from the truth they could have been from the wilderness of Alaska this LP is DOPE it just happens that they from the Bean. I'm not even going to get into that "this is that 90's boom bap rap" it's just good rap PERIOD dope beats and slick rhymes.

"Home" (not official video)

"No Contest"
01. Intro
02. Foreign Lands
03. No Ordinary Love
04. I Can't Understand
05. Labels interlude
06. Spotlight
07. Industry interlude
08. Who To Trust
09. If You Don't Know
10. Chemical
11. Concentrated interlude
12. Ultimate Line13. How It Is
14. Money interlude
15. All Day
16. Big Plans
17. Truth Or Game

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New England's Mr. Peter Parker

This DJ/Radio Personality caught my eye from his mixtape series "How Hard Do You Hustle" I noticed he was reppin a lot Boston/New England rappers. I knew something was up so I looked his BIO up and yup he from the Bean going North to NH. Right now he a regular at 7pm-11pm on the airwaves of Minneapolis, Minnesota’s top rated Hip-Hop/R&B station, B96 (96.3 FM KTTB) The Beat of the Twin Cities. A traveler through reputable media wires, Mr. Peter Parker has also gained significant experience at Boston, Massachusetts’ Hip-Hop/R&B radio station WBOT Hot 97.7 and as an intern at Boston’s other top shelf radio spots, WJMN 94.5 and WBCN 104.1. Normally I wouldn't give love to any radio DJ but this man grinds hard. He currently has a mixtape Best Of for "Immortal Technique" who is a best in his own right.
download and enjoy...
01. Intro 02. Bin Laden Remix
03. Bin Laden ft. Mos Def
04. Impeach The President ft. Saigon & Dead Prez
05. Nuclear Medicine Man ft. La Coka Nostra & Q-Unique
06. Caught In The Hustle
07. Razorblade Deathsticks ft. Mac Lethal
08. Beatdown Of Your Life ft. Thurston Howel III
09. Harlem Streets
10. Industrial Revolution
11. Beef & Broccoli
12. Reverse Pimpology
13. Hollywood Driveby
14. Mistakes
15. Change Gon Come ft. Block Mcloud
16. Top Of The Food Chain f. Poison Pen
17. Stand Still ft. Killah Priest & Bloodsport
18. Dance With The Devil
19. Lick Shots ft. Crooked I & Chino XL
20. Harlem Rennaissance
21. Payback ft. Apathy & Rass Kass
22. Obnoxious
23. Open Your Eyes
24. Peruvian Cocaine Remix ft. PH, Diablolic, Poison Pen, C Rayz Walz & Tonedeff

Murda Mass' Leedz- Leedz Edutainment Mass Movementz

Born in Lynn, MA and raised in transit between northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. I discovered the man/company basically from the shows I frequent at the Middle East and Harper's Ferry. Right now Leedz is the biggest promoter the Bean has, there was once a time where rap shows were just not happening in Boston but Leedz worked hard. Now you cant go 2 to 3 weeks w/out a show being promoted by Leedz Edutainment. Check out this compilation album its got some heavy hitters from the Bean and across the map.

Don't Sleep....
01. There Will Be Leedz Feat. DJ On And On0
2. Play To Win Feat. Slaine, Dre Robinson & Ray Diamonds
03. Everybody Raps Feat. Mic Geronimo & Royal Flush
04. Bangmatic (Matty Trump Remix) Feat. Ill Bill, Slaine & Ree
05. King Of The Jungle Feat. Blaq Poet, Jaysaun & Termanology
06. Do My Thang Feat. Pacewon, U-God & Bomshot
07. My Zone Feat. Casual, Fatlip & C-Rayz Walz08. WERS 88.9 Interview
09. Thrown Punches Feat. Copywrite, Prone 2 & The Rhyminal
10. Cocaine Cowboys Feat. Slaine, Amadeus The Stampede & Rite
11. Something To Eat Feat. Bad Newz, Al-J, Edo. G & J The S
12. Too Many Mcs Feat. El Da Sensei, Pacewon & MC Exposition
13. Today Aint Right Feat. Blak Madeen & Stucat
14. Evil Doers Beware Feat. Last Emperor & MC Exposition
15. Interlude Feat. Ricky Mortis
16. Spikes The Punch Bowl Feat. Esoteric & Awkward Landing
17. Globe Holders (Remix) Feat. Wise Intelligent & Elementz Za
18. Pictures On The Wall Feat. Skinny Cavallo
19. The Epidemic Feat. Rhetoric
20. Lowlife Feat. Rite Hook
21. Visions Of Hell Feat. Amadeus The Stampede & Benny B

Termanology- Time Machine (Artwork and Tracklist)

New shit bout to drop from one of my favorite rappers in the game right now local or not Term a beast. This is an official drop due out sometime in September. The listening is August 5th hosted by legendary Producer/MC Large Pro and Statik Selektah. "Nobody's Smilin'" (track 1) on this is a sure shot banger yo. He got a video for it that you know I'll post.

Also anyone rockin a Nascar whip to promote themselves is killin'em....

Murda Mass don't take vacas kid we grindin all day.

1. Nobody's Smilin’ (prod. by Statik Selektah)
2. Brown Paper Bag (prod. by Don Cannon)
3. Stick Up feat. Sheek Louch & Quest Tha Young'n (prod. by Vinny Idol)
4. Time Machine feat. Reks (prod. by The Large Professor)
5. Wild Puerto Ricans feat. Tony Touch & Ea$y Money (prod. by Shortfyuz)
6. Forever feat. Superstah Snuk (prod. by Shortfyuz)
7. My Boston feat. Singapore Kane & Big Shug (prod. by DJ Premier)
8. Hold That (prod. by Pete Rock)
9. It’s A Shame feat. Joell Ortiz (prod. by Statik Selektah)
10. Gods World (prod. by M Will The Shogun/additional production by Paul Thompson)
11. Music Industry (remix) feat. Royce Da 5'9, Crooked I, Akrobatik & Consequence (prod. by Fizzy "Fame" Womack)
12. Passion Iz Money feat. Lil Fame of M.O.P. & Quest Tha Young'n (prod. by Shortfyuz)
13. Bout To Go Down feat. Superstah Snuk & H Blanco (prod. by Shortfyuz)
14. Nothing Iz Real (prod. by M Will The Shogun)
15. Good Day feat. Ghetto & Hectic (prod. by MoSS)
16. I See Dead People (prod. by The Alchemist)

"Nobody's Smilin'" video

Statik Selektah Featuring Lil Fame , Sean Price and Saigon

It cant get no better than this when it comes to callabos heavy hittin artists like Lil Fame(1/2 of MOP) , Sean Price (super group soldier from Boot Camp Clik) and Saigon (The Yardfather) get together to put a track out

Statik really really grinding right about now.

Check out the new single
"Critically Acclaimed"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boston's Triple Threat

Now normally I don't like to post artist that do not have much of a catalog but listening to Triple Threat I just had to do it. The group consists of 3 members Brass/Winna/Ren I've heard a couple features here and there like I said not much of a catalog though. I ran in to their single "Gotsta Get It" and I was thoroughly impressed. this a headbanger track yo, reppin Beantown to the fullest. I think Brass is locked up though so how much music their making is probably an issue. Either way peep their Myspace page the single is on there I'll provide a link as well.


Lawtown's Reks

I been rockin wit Reks since his debut album "Along Came The Chosen" (2001) when I heard this album I was like "word we really gonna get put on" but it went highly unnoticed (as far as I can remember) well since then Reks has definitely not gone unnoticed he's teamed up with Statik Selektah to put out two recent albums "Grey Hairs" and "More Grey Hairs" he has that fast type flow with ill punchlines. A good amount of his tracks are Premo and Statik produced so that's saying something.
Take a look at the "Say Good Night" video produced by DJ Premier

Beantown's Masspike Miles

Now for those who know this blogger they know I'm not a big R&B fan (too corny for me) but I gotta give props where props are due. I came up on Masspike Miles on Statik Selektah's "Stick To The Script" album he's on the hook to "Streets Of MA" you know I had to google him. The good news is he's nice kinda has a old school New Edition type voice and really doing good for himself. The bad news is he's doing good for himself because he's signed with Rick Ross's label who I for one think is CA CA DOO DOO. Still I cant hate the man for wanting to eat and eat good. I'm not posting no tracks with Rick Ross I will post his two mixtapes though.

"The Persuit Of Happiness" and "Look How I'm Feeling"

Beantown's Team 220

Team 220 is Dorchester's Frankie Wainright's crew they are actually rappers representing the states of Massachusetts, South Carolina and New York, the Boston-based label is virtually new to the game. You can hear the name being repped on Big Shug's albums I really have only listened to Frankie Wainwright who goes HARD on his tracks. I was able to find a smash video from them though, shit hardbody.

Lynn's Tragic Allies

I first discovered this group on a Killah Priest track. Because of that their sound is kinda Wu-ish but don't be mistaken they have their own style the dark beat shit nah mean. They reppin East Lynn aka "Sin City" the group consists of 3 members Purpose/Codenine/Estee Nack they have three mixtapes "The Soul Purpose" (hosted by Killah Priest) and "Grey Skies" (hosted by 4th disciple) and "Tragic Allies" (their first tape) take a listen you wont be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lawtown's Statik Selektah works with Saigon

I read an interview with Statik Selektah and Saigon they did this album in 24hrs(hence the title). I guess they have an amazing chemistry together. I'm a big fan of Saigon and been waiting for an official drop for years. It finally came with only 12 tracks too (I hate long LP's) Statik Selektah must be a busy man cause everywhere I look he's working with one hot rapper after another.

Peep the album "All in a days work"

Lawtown's ST. Da Dquad

ST. Da Squad is Termanology's crew consisting of 9 members Easy Money/Hectic/Artisin/Ghetto/Snuk/Termanology/Cup/DJ Deadeye/Stalion. I saw them do a show at the Middleast Cambridge. They ripped it Term was out there for at least 2 hrs holding it down. I imagine it's going to be a little difficult for all of them to shine since they have 9 members. Term's a nice to dude to piggy back off of though so as long as they put the work in I'm sure it will all work out.
Check out the official ST. Da Squad mixtape and Video.

JP's Phinelia

I discovered Phinelia on the Internet plain and simple. I read a small little Bio that said he was from the Bean so you know I had to give him a listen. I actually know little to nothing about him. I can tell you he is actually a Bay Area born rapper that moved to the Bean (no idea why) from listening to his lyrics he down with Queens bridge reps Ty Nitty and Rick Rude. I can also tell you this boy GO HARD! It didn't take any more than his first track on his mixtape to reel me in like free tickets to a Pats game. he must be a nympho though cause a lot of his tracks are sex orientated but whatever he reppin the Bean all day.
take a listen to his mixtape

Phinelia "The Overdose"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cambridge's J Cardim

this new post gets extra extra love cause this blogger is from none other than Da Bridge!(not queensbridge...hahaha) my boy Imani Thug a life long Cantabrigian put me on to dude. I found out he moved to NY and is really making a name for himself in the production game. He producing tracks for hardbody MC's like Sheek Louch/Saigon/Sha Stimuli/Royce Da 5'9/Termanology and even the radio rap pop stars like Lil Wayne(oooh low blow) Im a little bit concerned that he wont rep Cambridge to the fullest but like I always say "whats the #1 question asked when it comes to rap?" Ayo homie where you from?????? So I'm sure he wont let us down.

Check out this bangin video with J Cardim raps with Sheek Louch and Affiliate

Also his featured mixtape hosted by DJ Envy

Dorchester's Akrobatik

If you from the Bean and don't know who Akrobatik AKA Akro is than you probably always hated Boston Rappers. My man been grinding since WAAAAAY Back! He was originally in a group called Perceptionist which consisted of rappers Mr Lif/AkrobatiK/DJ-Producer Fakts One. Akro kept his grind on and is still on the scene murdering tracks. Yes I know he's done those Boston Celtics Rap themes on Fox Sports Net but hey thats loot no one would turn down plus he reppin the bean so whats the big deal. His new Album "Absolute Value" is hittin!

Check out this nice TRACK with Talib Kweli and his single "A to the K"

don't sleep!

Dorchester's Own Jaysaun (Of Special Teamz)

This my man Jaysaun 1/3 of the heavy hittin rap Group "Special Teamz" As I said before Dorchester is becoming a hot bed for MC's. He Originally was part of the Boston group called the "Kreators" Jaysaun and producer/MC/DJ G-Squared (now on Jamn 94.5 booooooo) aayyhh you gotta make that loot though. He been in the game quite a long time and put in work. Im glad he finally getting some much deserved love. Currently signed to none other than Duck Down Records. Please please please check my man's work I'll leave you with the hardbody album Special Teamz "Stereotypes" and some nice you tube videos.
This "One Call" video is BANANAS!!!

Southie's Own Slaine (Of Special Teamz)

Does Slaine look familiar to you??? Well yup its homeboy from "Gone Baby Gone" he played the drug dealing gun-runner Bubba Rogowski. You can't help but know who it is immediately when he starts rapping. He has a true %100 Boston accent, alot of his lyrics make up of how the use of drugs almost ended his life and then rap came to save him. He is part of two heavy hitting rap groups named "Special Teamz" (Ed O G/Jaysaun/Slaine and "Locoka Nostra" (Ill Bill/Everlast/Danny Boy/Slaine.
He has two Mixtapes "The White Man Is The Devil" Vol I and II

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My 2 cents on this Meth/Joe Budden Beef

Yo real quick it's obvious the reason Joe Budden seems to put himself in all these random rap beefs. He is always trying to put his name out there and chooses to piggy back on other dudes names. He and all his fans (cause he does have them) need to realize that for all the lyrics he seems to have HE IS NOT RELEVANT in the rap game. How many times can you remember having a conversation with anyone that knows anything about rap and they mention his name. No one can even mention any of his singles except for "pump it up" which was ages ago. Meth's name came out his mouth cause he felt disrespected by Vibe Magazine's top 100 MC 's???????!!!! C'mon B how much credibility does Vibe have when it comes to rap???!!!! NONE! Joe keeps telling everyone that its his opinion that he is better than Meth..... so its Vibe's opinion wack ass rappers are ahead of him. He's the one taking it all personal I think this was a huge mistake taking a shot at Meth cause I seriously doubt Slaughterhouse (his crew) which consists of 3 of the hottest MC's on the planet Crooked I/Royce Da 5'9/Joell Ortiz will come to his defense. In my opinion he is only alienating himself from his peers and the rap community. The Entire Wu plus Redman and Busta Rhymes have already come to Meth's defense (not like he needs it) it just shows what respect Meth has in the game.

My advice to budden is keep grinding and be happy you have fans or make yourself relevant make music that people remember. Lyrics will only take you so far ask Canibus/Chino XL to name a few(who I happen to be a fan of)

Budden better than Meth......hahahaha what you talkin bout Wyllis!