Monday, December 20, 2010

M-Dot - "M.aking D.oubters O.ver T.hink" (Mixtape) * {Bostonianz617 Review} *


01. My Letter to Hip Hop [prod. Sandro]
02. No Turning Back [prod. Confidence]
03. Remorseless [prod. Alegory] (Scratches by DJ Family Tyz)
04. No Money Down [prod. Pauly Fingaz]
05. The Real & the Raw (Remix) (ft. Jaysaun) [prod. Snowgoons]
06. No Surrendering (ft. Big Pooh) [prod. Explizit One] (Scratches by DJ Family Tyz)
07. Run For Cover (Remix) (ft. Tek, Grand Agent & Billy Danze) [prod. The Visiting]
08. Believe Now (ft. EMS (Desco, Strick 9 & Rev) [prod. Skammadix] (Additional vocals by Olivia Pierson)
09. The Go Getter (Remix) [prod. Pauly Fingaz]
10. Entrance 4
11. I’m ILL Russell
12. East Coast Points (ft. King Magnetic, Chaundon, & Cymarshall Law) [prod. Reckonize Real] (Scratches by ToneDeff Cutz)
13. You Don’t Know About It (Remix) (ft. Masta Ace) [prod. The Visiting]
14. Eleven Fourteen (ft. Boycott Blues, Tribeca & Easy Money) [prod. Explizit One] (Scratches by DJ Family Tyz)
15. Heart of the City (Freestyle)
16. Gotta Be (ft. Krumb Snatcha) [prod. Teddy Roxpin] (Scratches by DJ Diverse)
17. Brain Tumors (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze & Bekay) [prod. Reef Ali] (Scratches by DJ Grazzhoppa]
18. Vein Insertion
19. Hate on Me (ft. Krumb Snatcha) [prod. Snowgoons]
20. Struggle (ft. Freestyle & Wordsworth) [prod. Abnormal]
21. Full Circle [prod. Kore]
22. Shut Down (ft. Krumb Snatcha) [prod. DJ Don Chito]
23. G’d Up (ft. Seven & Dre Robinson) [prod. Pauly Fingaz]
24. Self Reflection [prod. Pauly Fingaz]

Fresh off the release of his latest mixtape (if you want to call it that; had much more of an album feel) "Run MPC" (w/ Jean Maron), Lynn's M-Dot is back to work offering this follow up mixtape appropriately titled "M.aking D.oubters O.ver T.hink" as a free download presented by, HipHopDX, WERS, KevinNottingham and 5StarHipHop. He was cool enough to put our site's logo on the back of the tape, so we thought we'd offer up a review as a way of saying thanks, and as an acknowledgement to some really dope ass local music coming live and direct from right here in Massachusetts.

For anyone that dared to question M-Dot's drive and lyrical ability, M.aking D.oubters O.ver T.hink is sure to silence critics and validate his status as a proven talent in hip hop on not only a local level, but puts his name on the map as an aspiring up and comer' on the national level as well. For starters, the features on the tape are enough to make a true hip hop head salivate. The Snowgoons, Masta Ace, King Magnetic, Chaundon, Cymarshall Law, Reef The Lost Cauze, Bekay, Big Pooh (Little Brother), Wordsworth, Tek (Smif N' Wessun) along with local legends Jaysaun (Special Teamz), Krumbsnatcha, Easy Money (ST.), Dre Robinson & more all make appearences on the mixtape. Combined with hosting duties and co-signs from the likes of Billy Danze from the legendary M.O.P. and established hometown DJ, G.I. Joe (Immortal Technique), it's relatively easy to see that this release certainly does not dissapoint.

One might think that such a feature heavy mixtape may cause an emcee like M-Dot to possibly get lost in the mix. After giving the tape a few listens, this clearly wasn't the case. The top tier features act as more of a complement to M-Dot's seemingly elevated rhyming ability rather than stealing his shine. I was finding myself increasingly more eager to see if he could keep up with his guests on each and every track. I think M-Dot's ear for good production also took the project to new heights. Pauly Fingaz, The Snowgoons, Teddy Roxpin, Explizit One, & more all aid in the production on the tape.

M-Dot certainly does justice in displaying why he was elected as Hip Hop Artist of the year at the Boston Music Awards. He has emerged as one of the most hard working artists in Boston and it shows; striving to make a name for himself in hip hop without paying for features or selling out in subject matter. As far as content goes, M-Dot addresses whack emcees, documents his grind/rise to the top, and lashes out at his critics amongst other things. Fine-tuned rhyming paired with head-nodding beats certainly appears to be a winning combination. You can listen to this tape from front to back without skipping a track.

To me, this is most likely M-Dot's most solid release to date, and certainly paves the way for future success. Me & Marco were more than impressed by the tape. It's stayed in heavy rotation ever since it dropped. Not only is it getting an emphatic Bostonianz617 co-sign, but is undoubtedly one of our top 10 local releases of 2010 (video & rundown coming soon). Make sure you check it out ...

Standout Tracks: No Turning Back, No Money Down, The Real & The Raw (Rmx), No Surrendering, Brain Tumors (Rmx), Struggle, Full Circle

Beats & Production: 9/10
Rhymes & Lyricism: 8.5/10
Originality & Creativity: 8/10
Overall Grade: A-

M-Dot - "M.aking D.oubters O.ver T.hink" - DOWNLOAD

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