Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cormega- Live at Harpers Ferry 10/20/09 (Videos shot by Bostonianz617)

The highly anticipated album by the Queensbridge legend Cormega was released Tuesday 10/20/09. Where of all places do you think Mega would have his record release party on the day his CD hits stores? That's right people Beantown.

started his day at the http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/ offices for a meet and greet autograph/interview session. He reflected on his career regarding some bad decisions he made, the state of hip-hop, and how the Internet has changed the rap game.

Later on that evening, he made his way over to Harpers Ferry located at 158 Brighton Ave Allston Ma. Mega is not the MC that has you jumping up and down but instead has you mesmerized by his wordplay. To start off he kept it current with tracks from his new joint "Born & Raised" while paying tribute to the old school by rocking the square-styled Run DMC glasses from the 80's. He then said the magic words "aiight ya'll want to bring it way back" to which he received a loud roar. The crowd had something to remember as Mega went a full hour and a half. To the surprise of the guest of honor, the crowd knew the lyrics to almost every track pre-Born & Raised.
This was a great show and a night to remember for Bostonianz617.

review written and videos shot by Marco for Bostonianz617.

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