Thursday, July 26, 2012

Phinelia "Yo Momma"

D-Man - E.P.


1) Sky High Fly Guys (prod. by D-Man)
2) The Donna Summer Theory (prod. by G-Way)
3) Kids (Church For Thugs Freestyle)
4) Slow Down (prod. WMS The Sultan)
5) Gettin' It [4th & 10] (prod. by G-Way)
6) Losin' My Mind (prod. by G-Way)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Shizzie - #Redink

Iyadonna- U Gotta Believe (Produced By Mark Merren)

Stu Bangas & Vanderslice – Brutal Blends [Mixtape]

Brutal Blends Track List: 

01) "Intro" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) 
02) Planet Asia – "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (Prod. By Vanderslice) EXCLUSIVE 
03) Juju Blend (Prod. By Stu Bangas) Blend by Dusty Gems 
04) Wais P – "Run up on ya Bitch" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) EXCLUSIVE 
05) Big Noyd and Prodigy Blend (Prod. By Vanderslice) Blend by Dusty Gems 
06) Ill Bill – "Deathwish" (Snippet) (Prod. By Stu Bangas) EXCLUSIVE 
07) Apathy, Blacastan and Motive – "Mud Duckin" (Prod. By Vanderslice) 
08) Nas and AZ – "Life's a Bitch" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) Blend by Dusty Gems 
09) Vast Aire and Karniege – "Brutal Sequence" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) EXCLUSIVE 
10) Wais P – "Do You Abuse It" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) EXCLUSIVE 
11) Apathy Ft. Action Bronson – "All Day I" (Prod. By Vanderslice) 
12) Intermission (Prod. By Stu Bangas) 
13) Outerspace – "Behead the Kings" (Prod. By Vanderslice) 
14) M.O.P. – "World Famous" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) Blend by Dusty Gems 
15) Copywrite Ft. Roc Marciano, Evidence & Casual – "Golden State of Mind" (Prod. By Vanderslice) 
16) Blaq Poet Ft. Meyhem Lauren – "Hood Talk (Remix)" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) 
17) AZ – "City of God" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) Blend by Dusty Gems 
18) Apathy Ft. Xzibit – "The Recipe" (Prod. By Stu Bangas) 
19) Reef the Lost Cauze – "Black Lung Rap" (Snippet) (Prod. By Vanderslice) EXCLUSIVE

REKS Featuring J Nics "Bang Bang" (VIDEO)

Wispers - Never Be The Same Again [Video]

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tim Nihan - "They Already Know" (Prod. JWilla)

Thomas Handsome & Sean Price- Fuck Outta Here 2 [Mixtape]

Charmingly Ghetto: "Catching Feelings"

Moe Pope The "Stampeding Elephants" [Mixtape]

I Hannibal & Max Powers Ft. Phinelia, Big Noyd & Frankie Wainwright - “Gotta Get The $”

Friday, July 6, 2012

Centri 'Rise Of A Veteran' (Mixtape)

The 'Rise Of A Veteran' mixtape from military veteran/emcee Centri has officially landed just in time for the US Independence Day. The mixtape features a whole host of underground lyricists from the likes of Skyzoo, Blaq Poet (Screwball), Sha Stimuli, Planet Asia, Masai Bey and more, with production from Akir, Nickel Plated and others + hosting duties provided by DJ Jedi. Fresh from making waves in the press with his recent singles 'RhymeGlue' with Skyzoo, and 'That's Why I Rap Like This' with Blaq Poet. 'Rise Of A Veteran' is a collection of tracks Centri has featured on in the past, as well as a sneak preview of songs that will be on his upcoming LP the 'Headless Nobody.' Having previously released his debut album 'Article 15: the Rebel Knowledge Story' on 11.11.11. (aka Veterans Day), this mixtape is following suit as an 'Independence Day' present for all fans of true hip hop music... 

 01.) Rise of a Veteran (Intro) 
02.) I.C.M. (Interactive Construction Module) 
03.) Look At My Lifestyle (feat. Lenzmen) 
04.) Hold NY Down (feat. Masai Bey) 
05.) That's Why I Rap Like This (feat. Supastar Starps x Blaq Poet) 
06.) Culture Shock
 07.)Rot The Body 
08.) Faded 
09.) Hardcore Wrestler #1 
10.) Hardcore Wrestler #2 
11.) 3 Way Dance (feat. Lenzmen) 
12.) Gutta Slums (Produced By Akir) 
13.) M.O.M.M. (feat. Sha Stimuli x Akir x Dr. Strange) (Snippet)
 14.) Black Light Sabre (feat. Planet Asia) 
15.) Kill or Die 
16.) Residue (feat. Lenzmen) 
17.) RhymeGlue (feat. Skyzoo) 
18.) Becoming

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kali "Summertime" Featuring CScharp, Termanology & Moufy (Prod By Ruwanga)

Young Tef (Chozen Few) Super Sayings X2 [Mixtape]

MPhatik Soundz & Illegal Promo - "On The Verge" Hosted by J-Love [Mixtape]


Havoc "Same Shit Different Day"