Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Purpose (Tragic Allies) - Better Than Your Album (Mixtape) * {Bostonianz617 Review} *


01. Intro: Better Than Your Album (prod. by Purpose)
02. City of Sin (prod. by Crucial the Guillotine)
03. Bad Dem Up [feat. Singapore Kane & Ghetto Lion] (prod. by Archimedes)
04. I Gave You Power (freestyle)
05. All Is Good (prod. by Kelakovski)
06. Rising Sun (prod. by Abstrakt)
07. Murda Paragraphs [feat. Estee Nack of tragic Allies] (prod. by Bug)
08. Illuminati (freestyle)
09. Where The Body Was Buried (prod. by Wizard)
10. No Explanations [feat. Code Nine of Tragic Allies]
11. Fuck You Pay Me (prod. by Archimedes)**
12. Watchin’ For The Jake [feat. Estee Nack of Tragic Allies] (prod. by Extremidiz)
13. Hypnotize [snippet] (prod. by White Lotus)
14. Be Safe (prod. by Purpose)
15. Howl At The Moon (prod. by KOS)
16. JFK to LAX (freestyle)
17. Where’s The Love At (prod. by Wizard)
18. God Bless [feat. Code Nine of Tragic Allies] (prod. by Purpose)
19. Return of the Dopest (prod. by DJ Woool)

We're a little late on this, but we felt it was necessary to review the new Purpose Mixtape "Better Than Your Album" which dropped about a week and a half ago. I personally got into The Tragic Allies music within the last year or so, primarily from being a fan of this blog as Marco had posted a descent amount of their stuff before I came on board.

If you're unfamiliar, Purpose makes up 1/3 of the Tragic Allies crew, repping Lynn, MA. After recording a solo project of his own that went without release, Purpose & fellow Tragic Allies member Estee Nack began production on Tragic Allies first official mixtape, "The Mixtape" in 2005. Since then he's steadily transitioned from beat maker, to producer, to top notch lyricist. Over the years he's established Tragic Allies Productions and landed production credits on both local favorite Big Shug's "Other Side Of The Game" album as well as the Wu-Affilliated hiphop collective, The Almighty's album, "Original S.I.N." In 2008 Purpose dropped his debut mixtape "The Soul Purpose", improving more and more on his solo talent. This new effort "Better Than Your Album" is exactly as the title suggests, as Purpose continues to prove to the listener that he is both an elite lyrical threat, and highly established producer.

Hosted by Statik Selektah, with features from Singapore Kane, Ghetto Lion, both Code Nine + Estee Nack of the Tragic Allies, multiple-tracks featuring cuts from DJ Slipwax, and production from such artists as KOS, Abstrakt, Archimedes, Bug, White Lotus and Purpose himself, the tape does not dissapoint. In fact, it's FULL of bangers. Fans of Tragic Allies can expect the same quality street music they've become accustomed to from the crew, while unfamiliar hip hop purists will get slapped in the face with track after track of raw lyricism and neck breaking production.

It's evident that Purpose has an ear for beats. There are several mixtapes which tracks prove forgettable to me based solely on the fact that I wasn't feeling the beat. That sentiment failed to exist on this one, and it's a tape you can listen to all the way from track 1 through track 19 without any issue. It's safe to say that if you like the majority of the music we post on the site, then this is a must download. Purpose perfects the dark, grimy sound in his rhymes which the Allies seem to portray in all aspects of their projects. Touching on subject matter which embodies street life in all its avenues, it's clear Purpose has been through it all; more than proof why his mixtape is probably "Better Than Your Album."

Standout Tracks: Better Than Your Album (Intro.), Bad Dem Up, All Is Good, Rising Sun, Murda Paragraphs, Hypnotize (Snippet), God Bless.

Not So Great: Return Of The Dopest.

Beats & Production: 9/10
Rhymes & Lyricism: 8.5/10
Originality & Creativity: 7.5/10
Overall Grade: B+

Purpose - "Better Than Your Album": DOWNLOAD

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