Friday, January 29, 2010

Styles P- Shadows (single) Produced by Statik Selektah

A Showoff/D-Block Collabo.

Murda Mass/Y-O


Singapore Kane- Watch N See (single)

Loving this track not sleep on this man.

"Life On Wax" coming this spring.

Get it Kane.

Ill Bill, Virtuoso & Slaine- I dont Mind (single) Produced by DJ JS1

Beantown Collabs with realness.

AG, Craig G & Ed O. G- Original G'z (single) Produced By DJ JS1

check our live footage of Ed O and Craig G.


Ebens Matik- 12 Smokers (staff picks)

We got this idea from our brothers over at to do a staff what we're listening to series.

Be on the lookout for that 1st week in Feb on the Dotgotit site

Shout out to The Council.....This is the homey Ebens Matik's picks.

Part of a the what I listen to series. Here are 12 tracks I can listen to any day while learning this photoshop software......enjoy

01. Marijuana Beginings
02. tell it like it is. (intro)
03. Big L - Holdin' It Down (Featuring Stan Spit, A.G., And Miss Jones)
04. Talib Kweli - Engine Runnin featuring Consequence
05. Craig G - Made The Change ( This Right Here Is HARD)
06. Pete Rock - Niggaz Know Feat. JDilla
07. Erick Sermon - Hostile feat. Keith Murray (Keith Murray Killed this joint)
08. Heltah Skeltah - The Art Of Disrespekinazation (prod. by Khrysis)
09. The ARE - Clap Ya Hands (eMatik says....Take a Beat Break)
10. Kev Brown - Multiply featuring Kaimbr
11. Mos Def - Beef (all I can say is he really spit on this joint)
12. Exit Thee Park! (feat. Grap Luva) Listen to my selections again

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Singapore Kane Featuring Big Shug & Dre Robinson- Spit Fire (single)

Once again shame on you if you dont download this.

Straight Fire.

Akrobatik, Supastition, J-Live & Pack FM- Too Easy (single)

Shout out to Akrobatik.

Repping Beantown from the gitty up.

Ed O. G Featuring Rasco & Reks- Gunz Still Hot (remix)

Coast to Coast.....Boston/Cali


Statik Selektah Featuring Freeway, Red Cafe & Masspike Miles- Night Time People

Statik Selektah & Masspike Miles......aiiiight

Dre Robinson Featuring Mighty Misty- Fade Away (single)

Edgar Allen Floe & J Wheels Featuring Termanology – Superfly

Keep working hard Term.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DJ JS1 Featuring Termanology, Punchline & Rugged Intellect- Runnin' This (single)

Beantown/Lawtown gets down with legends.

Dont ever sleep on us.

Shout out to DJ JS1 only doing that realness.

DJ Revolution Featuring Jaysaun, Ed O. G & XL- I Dont Believe That (remix)

Showoff Records Featuring Consequence (single)

P.R. – Pre-Heated (Hosted by Statik Selektah) (Mixtape)

Don't know much about this mixpate except that Statik Selektah hosts it.

It was recommended to us.
You let us know.

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio- Live Podcast

Montana be hooking us with his live podcasts.

Show Features

On this gigantic radio show we have:
Wu Tang Clan's voice of reason, the GZA, takes time out to talk about his new albums, the importance of natural creation and his new books. Never one to be flustered by the conventions of modern industry politics and pressures, GZA is as methodical and blunt as his vocal stylings, as we talk the future of the Wu Tang Clan in 2010. Is there a new full group album on the way? Listen and find out.

Allah Mathematics is working on the The New Wu (Ghost/Rae/Meth) album and joins us full of optimism and anticipation for what lies ahead for the Wu Tang collective. He reveals more details about The New Wu album, including producers and expected features and even sends us an exclusive never-before-heard track that he has produced. Essential listening for all Wu Tang fans worldwide.

Strong Arm Steady are in jubilant moods, as Krondon and Phil Da Agony welcome in 2010 with a full discussion of their new Madlib-produced opus, In Search Of Stoney Jackson. Krondon also delivers exclusive news regarding himself and Brother Ali and all in all, these guys cement their name as some of the most dedicated and important artists in our scene.

Above The Law grace us with their time and deliver an interview of classic proportions. Cold 187 and KMG take us on a candid journey through their career, citing the realities, the pains but most importantly - the reasons why they single-handedly changed the soundscape of westcoast music. They offer raw accounts of such sensitive topics as the passing of Eazy E, Suge Knight, Dr Dre, 'The Chronic' and of course their brand new album, set for release this summer. These guys are written in the history books of hip hop but only get a paragraph when they deserve their own page - hopefully this interview will help to increase people's awareness.

Ty Fyffe has produced some of the most popular rap/hip hop records of our generation. From Canibus to LL Cool J, this man has been behind the boards on chart hits,underground gems and even classic old school tracks thEat helped mold future generations. But has he been recognised correctly? Listen in as it all unfolds


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ST. Da Squad Feat Gwop Gang- Throw Your 3's (single)

A Beantown/Lawtown collaboration.


Tragic Allies- Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil (album sampler)

So It's almost at the end, all the track of the weeks will be put on one mixtape.

Here is an album sampler for Tragic Allies new LP.

We can't wait for it.

Rigarous AKA Riga- Take It To The Streets (single)

We've been waiting for homegirl Riga to come out with some new music.

Repping for Queens but down with Crimebridge.

Shout out to Big Si and Port Life 44 Music.


Vixen- Skinny Jeans (single)

A new artist to the site.

Not normally our flavor but good music is good music. The beat on this is dope.

Shout out to

Wispers Featuring Black Sosa & Kosha- Dont Know Why (single)

If You're In Worcester 1/30/10

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Digital Underground Vol 6 (mixtape) I still love her (radio station)

We were hit up by I still love her radio station on this mixtape. The tracklist is relatively unknown. We gave it a listen and definitely worth a look.

1. Wanjas Intro (Maxx Scian - Sigue El Fuego) 01:11
2. Nature Of The Beast feat. Qwel- All Time Greats 02:18
3. Sean Prominent feat. Mikey Ital & Relic- Bounce 02:21
4. Nutso- 2009 'Til 02:32
5. Othello & DJ Vajira feat. Theory Hazit- Same Team Suckas 02:16
6. DPC feat Sadat X, Roach Uno, Louwop & Jeni Fujita – Divided 01:55
7. Wanja's Interlude # 1 (Cary Clark- Beat 112) 00:33 download
8. Slient Knight- Back In The Trenches 02:26
9. DJ Green feat. Sol- This Shit 02:16
10. Bi Polar Bear- Night's Like This 01:59
11. Magnificent Ruffians- Switch It Up 03:11
12. Wanja's Interlude # 2 (Royce Birth- FUNKdirty) 00:50 download
13. Larry Otis- Summer's Garden 01:29
14. AmmObey- We Stay Strong 03:05
15. Dan Bull- Doorways 02:25
16. Aries Connection- I'm My Own Solider 02:03
17. The Crowd- All My Love 02:05
18. Wanja's Interlude # 3 (tREBELEFREE- Theft (7740) 00:47
19. Mouthblocks- Put It Down 02:07
20. Chris Jackson- Real 01:06
21. V!RTU & Kay- With Ease 01:59
22. Hus- Nights 02:13
23. Khizman- Taxi 02:11
24. Tiffy The Gift- True Enough 01:51
25. Jern Eye- Burnin feat. Cali Agents 01:59
26. Steffi- I Heard The Fat Lady Sing 03:42
27. Wanja's Outro (Leiflike- Citizen Kane 1) 01:30
28. The Elements- You Oughta Know 04:37

Usual Suspecktz- I'ma Haitian

Shout out to this track man.

Its a sad state right now.

Termanology- Muhfukah

Showoff Records, Termanology, Reks & Kali- Fake Love (Yes Men)

This song confuses us.

Never the less....enjoy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

MC Shan- Interview (done by Marco) Bostonianz617 video

I got a chance to meet and interview true hip hop legend MC Shan at the Russell Auditorium in Dorchester Mass.

For those of you that were in diapers or not even out of the womb, this rapper paved the way to any queensbridge rappers you know today. He also was involved in one of the most intense hip hop rivalries ever known: The Juice Crew VS Boogie Down Productions.

The rest is history.

Shan speaks on performing in the Bean, the current state of hip hop, rap beefs of today, tight jeans and his old stomping grounds Queens.

A true honor for your boy.....big shout out to Ebens Matik.

Betrayl Featuring Nature- The Corner (single)

Free Betrayl.

No wonder we couldn't get in touch with dude.

We still got that fire for yall though.

A Queens/New Bedford collaboration.

Ed O.G- Nothing You Say (Black Luger Remix)

Shout out to the Snowgoons.

They making fire beats.

Frankie Wainright- 8 minute Freestyle

Frankie Wainright goes hard for 8 straight minutes.

Ghetto- Trunk Music (single) Produced by Fizzy Wo

That Ghetto mixtape is realness.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Termanology presents ST.V Episode 7: DJ Deadeye 'Full Metal Jacket' session Feat. H Blanco

As always Termanology putting something out.

Termanology presents ST.V Episode 7: DJ Deadeye "Full Metal Jacket" Session feat. H Blanco from International Green on Vimeo.

J. Cardim Featuring Brisco, Millyz & Gunplay- Letter To My Enemies (single)

Off J. Cardim's new project Dice Music Group: The In Crowd.

Crimebridge reppin here.

Canibus- Preview The Entire Melatonin Magik Album

Our homey Montana over at conspiracy radio hooked us up with this album sampler from Canibus' upcoming LP.

Canibus did as well or whoever holds his myspace page down.

Wispers- Wont go down (video)

Once again our people over at hooked us up with this one.

Ed O G & 2 Bulldogs- I Got To Have It- (Bostonianz617 video)

Ed O. G performed with 2 of the original Bulldogs.

Our second live footage of "I got to have it"

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singapore Kane- DJ Premier Freestyle (Bostonianz617 Video)

Singapore Kane doing a little freestyle over "all for the cash" Premo beat.

That "Life On Wax" album is going to be crazy.

ED O. G- Little Young verse (Bostonianz617 Video)

Ya boy went to check out some hop hip veterans @ The Russell Auditorium in Dorchester Mass.

This was a great show and not promoted at all.

Nothing gets by us.

Tragic Allies- Missles & Guns (single) Produced by Wizard

Three more weeks until all the tracks are on one mixtape.

For now here is another weekly jumpoff.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sean Price Featuring Termanology- Back In The Day (single)

This is straight HEAT!!

Shame on you if you dont't download this.

Rhyminal- Dancing With The Bars (Mixtape) Hosted by Mr. Peter Parker

Our people over at hooked us up with this one.

Don't know much about this artist.

You let let us know.

"Brockton, MA based Emcee The Rhyminal (formerly of Ballcklub) enlisted the help of budding hip-hop site and Shadyville’s Mr. Peter Parker to release his second solo effort entitled “Dancing with the Bars : a Rookie Mistake”. The follow up to East Bound and Down (The Audiobook) Hosted by DJ Statik Selektah & Mr. Peter Parker, Rhyminal once again delivers a genuinely enjoyable sophomore effort that wraps his light hearted subject matter and undeniably unique flow with precise and unwavering production choices"