Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Statik Selektah Featuring Joe Scudda, Truck North & Diz Gibran- Jaded (single)

Statik Selektah is one of the harderst working DJ's/Producers in the game right now. This is a track from a new EP called The Pre-Game out soon. The EP is something to hold people over till his 3rd up coming LP.

Playaz Circle Featuring Korleone- Look what I got (single) Produced by DJ Stone Patrone for Portlife44 Music

This a single produced by the homey DJ Stone Patrone for Portlife44 music. Portlife44 reps the Port section of Cambridge, Ma. Stone making a nice little name for himself working with artists such as Akon to Beyonce YES Boyonce.

Shout out to my Dude Big Si aka Sion holding it down for Portlife44 Music.

The Closers Featuring Nyoil- Heroin bars (Produced by Thorotracks)

New joint from Bostonianz617 affiliate Thorotracks/The Closers. These dudes are seriously on their grind.

Shout out to my homie Sam always hooking me up.

The Closers (Shabaam Sahdeeq, Redeye & Thorotracks) ft. NYOIL – Heroin

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Marco Polo Featuring Ed O G- Time and Place (single) Produced by Marco Polo

Marco Polo one of Bostonianz617 favorite producers, please cop that new joint he has with Torea. MP reps Canada, he and Moss doing big things for their country.

Shout to Marco Polo on the beat.

Ed O G- Saying something (single) Produced by DJ Premier

This track from back in 2000 but still gets steady play on Bostonianz617 Ipod. Premo always been a promoter of Boston hip-hop.

Shout out to Premier the beat.

Devil's Rejects Featuring Singapore Kane- 5 Pillars (single)

Devil's Rejects are made up of two MC's, Boston native Bomshot and former Jedi Mind Tricks member Jus Allah. Sinapore Kane gets it in on this track.

The beat on this is crazy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Termanology & Quest Tha Youngn@UGHH.COM (Bostonianz617 pics & video) 9/25/09

Term and Quest with Bostonianz617 Prez Marco.

Bostonianz617 took some time out to go check Termanology & Quest Da Youngn at offices located at 234 Huntington Ave Boston, Ma. This is a great venue to see any rap artist live in the flesh. Term was more than accommodating to any requests and/or questions the crowd had for him. If you're not into large crowds and annoying body searches, this is the perfect place to support your local artist. Term ran off tracks "So amazing" and his current single "Passion iz money" featuring Quest Da Youngn. Bostonianz617 shot a video of the event in which Term and Quest took some time out to take pics with Bostonianz617 Prez Marco. Term will also be performing this Wednesday September 30th for his record release of "Time Machine" at Middle East in Cambridge, Ma. Also in the house will be Brooklyn bred MC Skyzoo.

-Video shot by Bostonianz617

Termanology/Quest Tha Youngn/MOP- on tour (video)

Video rolls from Burlington VT all the way to Australia.

Now that's called world wide.

BR & Bad Newz- Its whateva (video)

This a video featuring two Beantown MC's BR (of Gwop Gang) and the Mattapan rep Bad Newz. Bostonianz617 loves the beat on this. Bad Newz mixtape will be posted soon.

Man Terror (of Wiseguys)- Get it (video)

Man Terror is the youngest of that old Wiseguys crew reppin Orchard Park projects. Chubby Chubb holding it down for the Bean as well.

Beantown stand up......

Friday, September 25, 2009

Frankie Wainright- Reasons (single) Produced by Nelly Protools

Bostonianz617 loves the beat on this joint. This is off of that Man on fire mixtape Which is the truth .

Shout out to Nelly Protools on the beat.

"I'm the reason why the Dogg Pound got back together and I'm the reason Mike Jones will be wack forever"

XL & DJ G-Squared- Live at Bill's Bar (video)

XL doing his thing thing at Bill's Bar Boston. I remember this joint had the best reggae night in the Bean but Landsdowne St. is dead now.

XL gets it in on the first track.

Shout out to on the G-Squared on the cuts.


Reef The Lost Cauze & King Magnetic Featuring Termanology- Gone (single)

Reef been going hard for years glad he still out there reppin for Philly. The beat on this goes real smooth.

Big Shug- Do ya (video) Produced by DJ Premier

Bostonianz617 needs to remind people Big Shug is original Gangstarr Foundation. Don't sleep on that "Who's Hard" LP that dropped in 05.

"ladies and gentleman I present to you straight out the Gangstarr Foundation"


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Akrobatik- A to the K (video)

Akro always keeps it straight Beantown.

"Ignite the mic and let'm strike my opponents"

Special Teamz- Get down (video) live performance

That Stereotypes album is tight bumps you if you don't think so.

Shout out to Duckdown Records.

Krumbsnatcha- Feeling (video) Produced by Mr Waltz (Beat Minerz)

Nice little video by Krumbsnatcha. Bostonianz617 feeling it even with all the Yankee hats.

Check out Pete Rock making a cameo.

This goes real smoooth. Shout out to Mr Waltz on the beat.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Closers Featuring Reks- East Coast Renaissance (single) Produced by Thorotracks

Bostonianz617 affiliate The Closers know what's good. As you can see this collaboration with Beantown rep Reks.

My man Sam hit me off with another hot joint.
Shout out to Thorotracks on the beat.

Quest Tha Youngn' Featuring Reks & Termanology- To be nice (single) Produced by Statik Selektah

This Quest Da Youngin kid is saying a little something. Repping Somerville, Ma he's creating a little buzz for himself.

Shout out to Statik Selektah on the beat.

M-Dot Featuring Krumbsnatcha- Gotta be (video) Produced by Teddy Roxpin

An old school new school Beantown collaboration. Krumbsnatcha been doing this for a long long time.

An original Gangstarr member.

Shout out to Teddy Roxpin on the beat.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lacoka Nostra Featuring B-Real- I'm an American (video)

Slaine rips the first verse on this.

Shout out to B-Real.

Betrayl Featuring Tragedy Khadafi- On the streets

Bostonianz617 is very close to getting in touch with Betrayl.

Dude's music is crazy.

Shout out to New Bedford, Ma

DJ Revolution Featuring Special Teamz- Big Top (video)

DJ Revolution been doing it for a long long time. Bostonianz617 loves the substance of this track and some of the samples on this are on point.

Shout out to DJ Revolution on the cuts.


Trife Diesel Featuring Termanology & Freeway- Project leaders (single)

Bostonianz617 loves Trife Diesel dude goes extra hard. This a smooth type of beat, fits like a glove.

Shout out to Trife and Freeway.

Termanology Featuring Joell Ortiz- Its a shame (single)

This off that Time Machine joint.
Track is BANGIN.......

Friday, September 18, 2009

Termanology Feat Lil Fame- In the streets (live performance)

This track is bananas still gets heavy rotation on Bostonianz617 Ipod.

Shout out to Hi-Tek on the beat.

M-Dot Featuring Re-Surch- First Words (video) Produced by Pauly Fingaz

Dude Re-Surch is kinda nice Bostonianz617 feeling his flow and he got that voice to go along with it. Not bad for a low budget video.

Shout out to Pauly Fingaz on the beat.

Reks- The one (video) Produced by Statik Selektah

This off that "Gray Hairs" joint the beat on this is crazy. Reks been going hard for years now and he here to stay.

Shout out to Statik Selektah on the beat.

Statik Selektah Featuring Bun B & Cory Mo- Get out the way (video)

Statik Selektah has a lot to do with Bun B's new versatility and popularity.

Shout out to Showoff Records.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tragic Allies- Straight Grizzly (video)

Bostonianz617 loves the beat on this and check the homey Singapore Kane making the cameo appearance.

Shout out to Purpose on the beat.

Akrobatik Featuring Brenna Gethers- Rain (single)

It's been a while since Bostonianz617 has done an Akro post he's kinda slipped through the radar recently. Homey working for NESN now which is a good look I watch NESN Sports Desk every day.

He's due out with a new mixtape soon Bostonianz617 should have the exclusive.

Tragic Allies- War melody (video)

Bostonianz617 loves these dudes reppin' Lynn Ma, aka Sin City. The homey Purpose does a lot of beats for the militant soldier Singapore Kane.

Shout out to Sin City.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Closers Featuring Bronze K- Rock you to sleep (single)

New single from Bostonianz617 affiliate The Closers. The two man MC two man production team is showing their worth, single after single.

Shout out to Sam one half of Thorotracks.

Masta Ace & Ed O. G Featuring Marsha Ambrosious- A & E's (single)

New single from Masta Ace and Ed O. G's upcoming album on A&E music.

Snowgoons Featuring Slaine, Singapore Kane & Lord Lhus

It must be Snowgons Tuesday cause that's all I'm posting. But hey they reppin' for the Bean and like I said before these kids got beats. This off that Black Snow LP.

Shout out to Snowgoons on the beat.

Snowgoons Featuring Brainstorm, Jaysaun & Ed O. G- Raining (video)

These Snowgoons kids got some ill beats.
Beantown reppin in Europe yo.

Shout out to Snowgoons on the beat.

Snowgoons Featuring Ed O. G- Nothing to say (video)

Nice little video featuring the king of The Bean Ed O. G
Off that German Lugars LP.

Shout out to Snowgoons on the beat.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Termanology & Easy Money- Wait for me (single) Produced by Lee Bannon (video interview)

Term & Easy Money interview.

They discuss how they got to work with Sacramento producer Lee Bannon.

Ea$y Money & Termanology Interview S.T.R.E.E.T STDASQUAD from Sev One on Vimeo.

M-Dot & Grime Tha MC Featuring XL- I know your lying (video)

Nice little Beantown video and dedicated to all you liars.

Termanology, Method Man, Streetlife, Reks, Sonny Cheeba, Planet Asia and DJ Deadeye- Live in Czeck Republic (video)

This this another little video at the Hip Hop Kemp festival in Hradec, Kralove Czech Republic.

dudes looks crunk.

Termanology presents ST.V Episode 5 - Method Man wilds out on Czech TV w/ Termanology, Camp Lo, Planet Asia, Reks & Streetlife from International Green on Vimeo.

Big Shug Featuring Singapore Kane- Life on wax (single)

This is the first time Bostonianz617 heard Singapore Kane. In 2005 Big Shug dropped "Gangstarr Presents Who's Hard" ever since then we've made sure to listen anything this man drops. Bostonianz617 doesn't care what year the music is made we only care that its hot.

Shout out to Premo and Shug.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

St. Da Squad- I got you (single) Produced by DC

Bostonianz617 bumps this on the reg its off that St. Da Squad mixtape. This is one the hardest working crews in the biz right now.

Shout out to DC on the beat.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Termanology Featuring Easy Money- What's the answer (single) Produced by Lee Bannon

This is a bonus single off that "Time Machine" joint.
Shout out to Lee Bannon on the beat.

Portlife44 Artist Rigarous aka Riga- Life is what you make it (single) Produced by DJ Stone Patrone

Fresh off of a recording session and interview with the homegirl Riga Bostonianz617 got a crack single for your ears. Riga got talent that's for sure and with Portlife44 backing her up its no where but the top.

Look out for that Bostonianz617 interview coming soon.

Shout out to Big Si, Taba, and DJ Stone Patrone on the beat.

Termanology- Freestyle (video) Live from Czec Republic

Nice little freestyle by hard working man Termanology.

XL Featuring Bugsy- Zip Codes (video)

Bostonianz617 loves the hook on this track and my dude Check Mark (from Skitzofreniks) reppin' Cambridge gets a little cameo at the begining of the video. You can also see Cambridge in the backround on a couple shots (salt n peppa bridge) to the locals.


Gwop Gang- On ya mark get set (single)

This track right here is crackalaka. Anytime you have Biggie and Nas on a hook you can't go wrong. This is off of that Gwop Gang- Gwop Gang Radio mixtape.

don't sleep.

Shout out to whoever produced the beat.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Singapore Kane- Silva Spoons (single) Produced by Purpose of Tragic Allies

All Singapore Kane's mixtapes better than your whole album.
Rappers best to step your game up.
Shout out to Purpose on the beat.

Betrayl- Do it my way (mixtape) hosted by DJ Scarface

This is that new Betrayl mixtape reppin from New Bedford, Ma. Bostonianz617 keeps saying how much he is seriously slept on. His music is just too real to ignore and a no-brainer to advertise.

Shout out to DJ Scarface hosting the second Betrayl mixtape.


  1. Intro
  2. Love it or not (Produced by The Unctouchables)
  3. Could have had a 100 though (Prodcued by Kajmirr Royal)
  4. Still love you feat. Dezit (Produced by Kajmirr Royal)
  5. Cant stop the hoodlife (produced by Beatshow)
  6. U the only 1 (produced by PhatNasty Beats)
  7. Grind mode (Produced by Cox)
  8. U ain't on my level (Produced by PhatNasty Beats)
  9. I be getting (Prodcued by Gmoney Baby)
  10. Loved by few (Produced by Joey Bags)
  11. Nothing gonna hold me back (Flawless RNB)
  12. Bird Money (Produced by Kajmirr Royal)
  13. Death before dishonor Feat. Jabari & Dezit (Produced by Beatshow)
  14. No snitches Feat Young Jeezy (Trackpros)
  15. The pyrex is my wifey Feat. Q (Produced by Sinima)
  16. Looking at the city Feat. Snipes Rahking (Produced by Sinima)
  17. Climben out the snake pit (Produced by Hola X)
  18. Top of the world freestyle (Produced by Ka)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Termanology- Hood Politics Collection (brought to you by Matik)

This is the full collection of the Hood Politics series by Termanology. This is a must have for any true Term/Rap fan.
Shout out to Matik on the link and art work.

Big Shug & DJ Premier- Pre Street Champ (video)

This is a little video prior to the "Street Champ" release at Sirius satellite radio. The album is crack too.

Shout out to DJ Premier

Betrayl- U the only 1 (single) Produced by Phatnasty Beats

Bostonianz617 keeps telling and telling and telling people do not sleep on Betrayl. This dude is a SERIOUS problem. This is a single from his new mixtape "Doing it my way" which I'll post real soon. This is a warm up track.

Shout out to Phatnasty Beats on the beat.


Singapore Kane- Whatever I wanna do (single) Produced by illMind

Another fire cracker track by the militant soldier Singapore Kane. I keep telling dudes he got that real music.

New mixtape out soon.

Shout out to my dude Mal and illMind on the beat

The Closers Featuring Bekay- Rugged Rugged (single) Produced by Thorotracks

Another new single from Bostonianz617 affiliate Thorotracks/The Closers. Sam keeps hitting me with the realness.

watch out for that Thorotracks interview brought to you by Bostonianz617 coming soon.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reks- Bitter (single) Produced by Soul Searchers

Bostonianz617 bumps this on the reg, its off the "More Grey Hairs" LP. Reks been grinding hard for a minute now. After listening to his first album "The Chosen One" I knew dude would be around for a long time.

Shout out to Soul Searchers on the beat

Statik Selektah, Reks, Termanology & M.O.P. in Sundsvall, Sweeden(showoff video)

This a nice little video taken in Sundsvall, Sweeden. Hip Hop is universal money, the world be loving our style nah mean.

We rock world wide.

Shout out to Showoff Records.

Frankie Wainright- Man on fire (mixtape)

Bostonianz617 just saw Team 220 at the Matty Trump record release party at Harpers Ferry. He put on a nice little performance. Here is a new mixtape from the Team 220 Capo called "Man On Fire" I haven't given it a listen yet so let me know peoples.

Special Teamz Featuring JY, Twice Thou, Akrobatik, Frankie Wainright & Dre Robinson- Home 2 (single)

This is an ill Boston anthem covering all the Beantown boroughs. Bostonianz617 was bumping this over and over when the Celtics won #17 (that's for you Red) shout out to Ed O.G, Jaysaun & Slaine.

RIP Red Aurbach


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bostonianz617 cosigns Retrospek- Straight Raw (single) Produced by Rah Intelligence

Bostonianz617 was hit up by Rah Intelligence to listen to he and his peoples music. The song he gave me is titled "Straight Raw" and it's HEAT. The beat is crazy and the two MC's he runs with Spendacash & Junelyfe definitely hold their own not to let the beat go to waste. The single is currently featured on Bostonianz617 affiliate Dotgotit The Mixtape Also brought to you by the dude Matik we support the realness.

Shout out to Dot, Matik and Rah Intelligence on the beat.


Sev one Featuring Jadakiss & Uncle Muder- Gangsta Shit (single)

This Clinton Sparks people Sev reps Waltham, Ma. Uncle murder who has Bostonianz617 on the fence actually kills the first verse. Jada is Jada what can you say he kills everything.


Edu Leedz Feat Ed O. G, Bad News, Al-j & J the S Something to eat(single)

"These industry niggas is startin' to look like something to eat" that's the way the track starts and follows as the hook. Bostonianz617 is feeling the beat, the guitar in the back round is crackness. This is off that Mass Movementz LP

I need the producer peoples....shout out to Leedz Edutainment

Jaysaun, Termanology & Blaq Poet- King of the Jungle (single) Produced by Stu Bangas

A Queens/Beantown callobaration this track been out for a little bit but who cares it bumps. Bostonianz617 reps for Blaq Poet an original Screwball soldier.

Shout out to Boston producer Stu Bangas on the beat.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Slaine@Matty Trump's CD record release party (Bostonianz617 video) 9/5/09

Bostonianz617 was at Leedz Edutainment affiliate Matty Trump's record release party at Harpers Ferry. Line up included Team 220 Capo Frankie Wainright, Lou Armstrong and Special Teamz soldier Slaine. Keep in mind this was with a cell phone and it was crazy dark in there but the sound still straight.

Close your eyes- Slaine

Shout out to Matty Trump and Leedz Edutainment

Krumbsnatcha- Killer in me (single) Produced by Nottz

Bostonianz617 listened to this at 4am and it had to be immediately posted. Krumbsnatcha on a Nottz beat is CRAZY. This off of Mr. Peter Parker "how hard you hustle vol 8"

Beantown been a PROBLEM....
Shout out to Peter Parker and Nottz on the beat..


Friday, September 4, 2009

Termanology Featuring- Sheek Louch, Joell Ortiz, Saigon, Bun B & Freeway- Say it(single) Produced by J Dilla

Bostonianz617 always notices that Term makes sure he's not out shined by his lyrical counterparts. This getting regular rotation play on the ipizzle.



Lacoka Nostra Featuring Bun B- Chose your side(single) Produced by Alchemist

This track go EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA hard and for those of you who question Bun B in any way this track will prove his worth. Check out Bun with the B hat........
Shout out to Slaine and the whole La Coka Nostra.

Special shout out to ALC on the beat.