Monday, October 12, 2009

M.O.P. - Ante up/How about some hardcore (live at Middle East) video shot by Bostonianz617 10/08/09

Last winter Beantown showed crazy love for Brooklyn legends M.O.P. and that love was shown right back with their return to the Bean at The Middle East October 8, 2009. The legendary street team came deep including longtime DJ- Lazy Laze on the wheels of steel. The turnout was better than expected being that it was a Thursday night and as Bostonianz617 says Thursday nights are Friday's little brother. If there's one act out there that gets the crowd ROCKING, regardless of whether its mainstream or underground, it's the world's famous M.O.P. If you get a chance to attend one of their shows, plant yourself within feet and witness greatness. Bostonianz617 had a corner seat and recorded how a real hip-hop show is done. The energy that comes from Billy Danze & Fizzy Wo leaves you feeling goose bumps and wanting more. More is what M.O.P. delivered performing classic tracks "Ante up" and "How about some hardcore." A true love for hip-hop is not complete until you attend a Mash Out Posse show.

review written and videos shot by Marco for Bostonianz617

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