Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fat Chops- Whacha Life Like (freestyle)

New to the site.

Reppin the Bean no doubt!

Big Big Shout outs to the Homey Debo for putting us on.

Blacastan Featuring Krumbsnatcha- It's A Crisis (single)

Blacastan repping Hartford CT.

If you don't know now you do.

We going to be posting a lot of Blacastan.


Erg One- Washington Heights Featuring DJ GI JOE (single)

Ya'll know how we feel about Erg One.


Termanology- Twisted Off The Henny (Freestyle)

Our homey Term with that heat.

Quest Tha Youngn'- Winter Hill Q (single)

Quest definitely got some heat.

M-DOT- Here We Go (single) Produced by D-Sharp

Loving this track.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Concep- Exibit C-O-N (Freestyle)

New to the site and from Cambridge too.

C'mon you know we Crimebridge all day.


Keep working it Montana.

Show Features

On this must hear show we have:
Public Enemy mouthpiece and legendary hip hop icon, Chuck D ,steps away from writing a new song to indulge in a feature-length, 40 minute interview, in which we address many of the pertinent issues surrounding our beloved hip hop culture. From the entrapment of modern music corporations, to the celebrations of our successes as a collective, this interview symbolises a landmark point for the development of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio. Chuck questions whether such artists as Jay Z have changed the world, the psychology of such media icons as Bill O'Reilly, his future musical work with Immortal Technique and much more in an accomplished and positive 40 minute exploration. A MUST hear.

Dilated Peoples are with us in the form of Rakaa Iriscience, as we delve deep into the specifications of his new album and the work of his many musical family members. We discuss Eminem beefs, Alchemist new productions, the Gangrene album, Hex Murda and a lot more, in a refreshing and informative feature-length.Another must hear experience.

Sage Francis and Strange Famous Music's road warrior, B. Dolan , is one of hip hop's most dedicated and massively engrossing artists. His tireless work ethic and unlimited enjoyment of what he does, translate perfectly throughout this interview, as we navigate our way through such topics as Reptilians, activism, spoken word poetry,wearing Evel Knievel costumes and jumping onto crowds and so much more in an enthralling feature. Be sure to check out .

King Magnetic slopes in live from a Poker game, to face the reality of The Friday Night Live Show. We talk album news, his impressive roster of production and collaborative work and even get the chance to open up the forums to listener questions. Meet Magnetic the man and not just magnetic the artist.

Blactastan is without question, one of hip hop's most satisfying artists. His thrilling vocal abilities and raw, poetic perspectives fill the void left blank by so many other rappers. Expect to hear an upbeat and excitable Blactastan on this interview, as we talk "Black Sabbath" album news, his sacrifices as an artist and much more including an ill freestyle at the end.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Young Riot- Cream Of The Crop (Live) Bostonianz617 Video

We Definitely feeling little homey. Live at the Western Front 03/25/10

LinkWithin DJ Delz Ft. Termanology – Just Begun Freestyle (Single)

Keep up the good work Term.

We got you.

Shawn Chrystopher, El Prez & J the S – Shootin’ Cops (Prod. by Numonics)

J The S= Beantown

Wais P - "Ain't A Problem" (prod. by Scram Jones)

The homey Wais P is back on the grind with the 2010 pimp anthem "Ain't A Problem",
produced by heavyweight beat-smith Scram Jones who straight murdered this beat.
Currently, Wais is working on his solo debut album (currrently untitled), that includesan impressive list of guest features and producers such as Joell Ortiz, Devin The Dude,Sean Price, Mistah Fab, Mario Winans, Red Cafe, The Madd Rapper, DJ Premier, SeanC & LV, M-Phazes, Domingo, Frequency & more!

Good Looks Matty!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

J City- No One (single)

New to the site.

We dont front first time we heard dude we was not impressed but he was won over simple and plain.

We human.

Bekay - "Realest That Run It" (BLESTeNATION Remix)

You know we Bekay all day.

Yet another Bekay remix has surfaced. This time, Bekay has teamed up with Werdplay Various
of the three man rap/rock trio BLESTeNATION for the "Realest That Run It" (Remix),
inpromotion of their April 13th release of 'MBugout City' (Suburban Noize Records) which is nowavailable for preorder on iTunes. The original version of "Realest That Run It" was featured on Bekay's acclaimed LP 'Hunger Pains'. Shout to Contagious on production & be sure to cop 'MBugout City' on 4.13!!

Eternia & Moss Featuring Joell Ortiz- It's Funny (single) Produced by Moss

I had a feeling we woulnd't be dissapointed.

City Slickers Featuring NBS & Termanology- Hurry Up


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lunox & Astro- Coming Soon Trailer (Video)

Definitely feeling these dudes....

Masspike Miles “Over (freestyle)” off his upcoming Gangsta Grillz w/ DJ Drama ‘Superfly’

Thought I'd pass this along with the show as well.

Flamboyant Faculty (2F's) - Class In Session (Mixtape)

Coalmine Records.

Today marks the release of Class In Session, the debut mixtape from Long Island's
five-man emcee, singer/songwriting crew that go by Flamboyant Faculty a/k/a the F's. Class In Session showcases the artistic depth and raw talent of the 2F's over a balanced mix of original production and industry beats. This mixtape also includes exclusive features and production from the likes of DJ Kay Slay,
Ray-J, DJ Khaled, Cool & Dre & J.R. Rotem among others. Click on the links below todownload & stay tuned for the follow-up videos for "Change Me" & "Take This Cup".

1. "Pusha" - Ka$ual
2. "Change Me" - Tarik Hot Nix, Ka$ual & Young Mel
3. "Hard" - Ka$ual feat. Tarik Hot Nix & Young Mel
4. "Play Ball" - Ka$ual feat. Drake, Soulja boy, Tarik Hot Nix, Young Mel, Joe Milly
5. "Pussy Monster" - Ka$ual feat. Tarik Hot Nix & Young Mel
6. "Best I Ever Had" - Drake feat. Trey Songz & Tarik Hot Nix
7. "Makin Movies" - Ka$ual & Young Mel
8. "Click" - Ciara feat. Young Mel & Tarik Hot Nix
9. "Rumor" - Keri Hilson feat. Tarik Hot Nix & Young Mel
10. "Take This Cup" - Ka$ual, Tarik Nix & Young Mel
11. "Got My Money Up" - Young Mel
12. "Coca Cola Bottle" - Ka$ual feat. Joshy Baby
13. "Step Ya Game Up" - Ka$ual feat. Pharrell
14. "Number One Fan" - Young Mel feat. Tarik Hot Nix
15. "Bottom Bitch" - DJ KaySlay, Ray-J feat. Ka$ual & Tarik Hot Nix
16. "Pu**y Whistle" - Ka$ual feat. Tarik Hot Nix
17. "More Careful" - DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Ka$ual & Joe Milly
18. "Pleasure & Pain" - Ka$ual feat. Pleasure P
19. "Money To Blow" - Joe Milly, Young Mel, Ka$ual, Tarik Hot Nix
20. "Jin & Joose" - Picasso

Krumbsnatcha- Starvin (single)

Looking for bigger things now that Krumb on Wutang Management.

City Slickers – Hurry Up and Wait (mixtape)

We were hit up today with this new mixtape from Beantown's City Slickers.

Singles from the mixtape know how we do.


Spell It Out (C.I.T.Y.S.L.I.C.K.E.R.S) (chopped by NellyProToolz & Capital J & Mr. Moses of CSC)
Rockin’ With You
Kinda Like A Big Deal feat. Dre Robinson
Hurry Up & Wait (produced by Capital J of CSC & NellyProToolz)
Rock Sh_t On
Black, Beautiful & Bold (City Ridiculous)
Much More feat Strategy
Launch Pad feat Termanology & E-Flash of NBS (produced by NellyProToolz)
Can’t Relax (ATCQ Tribute)
Get In The Car (Produced by Joe Politics)
Don’t Believe Us feat. S-Money
Look So Good (chopped by Capital J & Mr. Moses of CSC & NellyProToolz)
Love 2.0 (produced by Mr. Moses

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dre Robinson Featuring Amandi- Liqour Talk (single)

Always looking for some new Dre Rob.

Singapore Kane- Magnificent (single)

New joint from the Militant Soldire

Wispers Featuring A Alike- The Icon (Kinda Like A Big Deal) Freestyle

Shout out my homey OZ at

N.B.S.- Shine (single)

You know we Crimebridge all day.


Homey Montana doing big things with his podcast shows.

Good looks Montana

On this venomous show we have:

D12 are in the building in the shape of Bizarre and Kuniva to talk about the renaissance for the entire Shady Records camp. We hear so much exclusive news its almost unbelievable, including Relapse 2 tracklisting information including their role on the album and what the entire album is sounding like. We discuss the new D12 album, Bizarre's up coming joint but things get nasty when the whole Canibus situation is mentioned. Expect to hear the full and final explanation of why and how it appeared that they were "dissing" Eminem.

Hell Razah wants to be known as Heaven Razah. However, this does not mean we can expect a Mc Hammer-esque, Jesus preacher of an album from this man in 2010. Listen as Razah explains the significance of his rejuvenation and takes us on a walk through his career, explaining the significance of the Wu Tang Clan and all their latest reshuffles.

Lowkey is arguably one of the UK's most outspoken but exceptionally modest wordsmiths and this feature-length interview helps to cement his reputation as an artist and man, to take notice of every time his lips move. Lowkey breaks down his new album track by track and we discuss wider issues such as racism in Britain in 2010, the government and the significance of failing foreign policy. A typically deep but essentially refreshing shower in the mind of hip hop's most thoughtful. He also delivers an exclusive verse from his forthcoming album and tells us of his imminent future live work with Immortal Technique.

Roc Marciano is currently the talk of the town. His new album is set to drop and he joins us live from the comfort of his kitchen to talk about the cooking process involved when making such classic, timeless music. We discuss Alchemist,Busta Rhymes and much more in an essential pre-album release interview.

Danny Brown is the epitome of fresh. His new, free-to-download, album contains unrivaled creativity and diversity, so imagine our glee at having the chance to talk to the man himself. Expect an interview filled with timeless moments and discussion, however we were slightly surprised by his acapella.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Privlej- The Mania (single)

Clockwork Music.

H-Blanco- Full Metal Jacket (single)

And ST. keeps coming and coming and coming....

Off the mixtape suckas...

Ghetto- Fresh Out (single)

You know how we do singles from the mixtape.

Ghetto got that HEAT!

DJ Deadeye- Full-Metal-Jacket (Mixtape)

Been waiting on this!

2.Superstah Snuk(ST.)-U Know Dis!
3.Ghetto(ST.)-Fresh Out
4.Sean Price-Shut the Fuck Up!
5.Kali(Showoff/ST.)-Payin' Dues
6.H-Blanco(ST.)-Full Metal Jacket
7.LuNox-Da BullShit!!
8.Artisin(ST.)-Nightmare Breathin'
9.Singapore Kane-Magnificent
10.Famoso & Shabam Saadiq-Semi-Auto
11.Reks(Showoff)-Get Down
12.Charlie Clips-Dreams
13.Easy Money(ST.)-It's ST.
17.Royce da 5'9"-No Coming Back
18.AZ-Exhibit AZ
19.Gauge-Pop Them Thangs
21.Young Vaughn-Bad Side
22.Quest Tha Youngn-Winterhill Q
24.Sonic-Give Thanx
25.G-Eyez-Goin In!
26.Snoop Dogg ft.JaY-Z,Fat joe,Busta Rhymes,Cassidy,Styles P,Lloyd Banks,Rass Kass,Bun-B,Trife Diesel,
Young Jeezy,Raekwon,Joell Ortiz,Crooked I- I Wanna Rock (Deadeye OG Mix)

Kemizt- The Vigil (Mixtape)

Kemizt hit us off with this new mixtape.

Knew his name was familiar from the Southwest Invasion Mixtape DJ Dutchmaster hooked us up with.

Theres definitely some joints on here.

1. Welcome.
2. R2,R2,L1,R2,L,D,R,U,L,D,R,U
3. F*** A Title (Sumn Light)
4. Untitled (Just Life)
5. Love Sweet Misery/Player
6. So Far From Home
7. Your Tears
8. You (feat. Grafh)
9. $.homage
10. Impeccable (feat. E. Louis)
11. Sinner
12. Tea Leaf Breakdancers
13. Just Shine... (feat. Feeohnix Eve)
14. Sine Nomine (feat. Boomie Bugatti, Kaleber & E. Louis)