Friday, May 18, 2012

DJ M-Rock Presents The Best of Donna Summer (R.I.P.) [Mixtape]

    I’m celebrating the music of another great artist – someone who inspired dance music as we’ve always known it, whether we’re talking about the sexy slower grooves, or straight up techno music. This tape doesn’t have one single scratch technique on it, but I got a pretty serious juggle in there. I turned it around in less than one day, but don’t be impressed by that fully – I need some sleep! Prepare for some disco, and if you’re not into that, go listen to the Best of the Beastie Boys. Donna just passed yesterday, and I hope I can do her music justice. Enjoy an hour of the lovely voice of Donna Summer.

    Listen live without downloading or read the full post. Illustration by Jerome Sebastian.


    (If It) Hurts Just A Little
    99 – Cassius ^
    Sing It Back – ^
    I Feel Love
    No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) ft. Barbara Streisand
    Heaven Knows ft. Brooklyn Dreams
    Macarthur Park Suite
    She Works Hard For The Money
    Miss Independent Remix ft. Jamie Foxx – Ne-Yo ^
    My Baby Understands
    Love to Love You Baby
    Naughty Girl – Beyonce ^
    One Night In A Lifetime
    This time i know it’s for real
    Bad Girls
    On the Radio
    Dim All the Lights
    Hot Stuff
    Last Dance

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