Monday, April 30, 2012

DropTheR (Site Launch) Operated By Matthew Whitlock [Launch Date 05/2] is a unity x support based site/hub for indie Hip Hop artists of all kinds to showcase their work and connect with like individuals on a “give-to-get support” platform: If we see talent, drive, and you supporting other individuals…then we will support you as well. It’s that easy. This culture/industry has come too far for it to boil down as a harsh, winner-take-all competition. There’s enough room at the table for all the talent to eat – so let’s connect, build, work, and grow together, establishing a main source for quality indie Hip Hop! features indie artists (rappers/singers/spoken word/bands), videographers, DJ’s, producers, and designers (graphic/web/fashion) from all over the world. Boston, being our home, will be the site’s most-featured city, but love will be shown internationally. Good music is good music!

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