Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Gillahouse & DJ Deadeye Presents Sour Power Vol.1[Mixtape]


1.Sour Power Intro ft. Redman 
2.White People Rioting ft. Redman 
3.So Hood ft. Runt Dawg 
4.Focused ft. Ready Roc 
5.IronMan ft. Ready Roc, Redman & Runt Dawg 
6.ZipLock ft. Redman & Runt Dawg 
7.Sour Deezal ft. Redman & Ready Roc 
8.Go Hard ft. Ready Roc 
9.Ahhh Yes ft. Ready Roc, Redman & Runt Dawg 
10.Bridging the Gap ft. Redman 
11.East Coast ft. Redman & Runt Dawg 
12.On My Grind ft. Ready Roc 
13.Full Nelson ft. Runt Dawg, Redman, Ready Roc & Saukrates 
14.Just Don't Give A Fuck ft. Redman 
15.Eat a Dick ft. Runt Dawg 
16.ShowOut ft. Ready roc & Redman 
17.I'm Sick (Lite up the Disco) ft. Redman & Saukrates 
18.At Your Bitch House ft. Runt Dawg 
19.Our House ft. Redman, Ready Roc & Runt Dawg 
20.Haterz ft. Redman & Runt Dawg

21.Pancake & Syrup ft. Ready Roc, Redman & Runt Dawg 
22.Sour Interlude ft. Redman 
23.Smoke, Drink & Fuck ft. Redman & Kirko Bangz 
24.Can't you See ft. Ready Roc & Melanie Rutherford

25.Drop It Down ft. Saukrates & Redman 
26.He's a Beast ft. Runt Dawg 
27.Sour power Outro ft. Redman 
28.Bonus-Hurricane Sandy Relief ft. Redman